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How many times a day have you had the urge to blow your own brains out because of the stupidity of others around you?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36630points) May 21st, 2010

This will probably get moderated, but how many times a day have you had this urge? I swear we live in the age of idiots. What can we do about it?

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I’ve actually just wanted to blow their brains out so there are more intelligent people on the planet lol…..

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Um, none?

You can’t control other people. The sooner you accept that, the happier you’ll be. Stress slowly kills you. It’s not worth it.

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@nikipedia We can’t get complacent!!! We must fight this oppression lol…..

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I’m with @nikipedia. Sure, people do some pretty stupid things sometimes, but isn’t it kind of your problem that you get so worked up about it? Just do what you can to not be stupid (i.e., not blowing your brains out) and don’t worry about other people unless their stupidity is damaging your own quality of life. If they are, well… you could complain about it or you could do something about it in a calm, mature manner. Live and let live, right?

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Zero. I wonder about the reasons and give all people a leap of faith. Perhaps offer support.

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Sorry guys. I did not mean this in the literal sense. It is something my SO and I do when we come across one of the many idiots in this part of the country. The stupidity of some of our residents is enough we point our fingers at our head like a gun and pretend to shoot ourselves. I’d prefer to blow their brains out, but the authorities kind of frown on that.

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I make a point of being the stupidest person in any group that I am a part of.

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I’m with you! And it is more and more that these idiots are running the store!

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I love this kinda shit, how the majority of people keep saying that the majority of people are ignorant or stupid. Ha ha what the fuck.

I’d certainly never off myself on account of how other people are, whatever my opinion is. That in and of itself is pretty retarded. Sorry. Remember, you’re a part of society just as much as all those other dumb bastards.
I’m also slightly appalled by the idea that someone would make false claims at suicidal tendencies in order to emphasize their sense of grandiosity opinions of others or run around saying that they’d shoot them if they were allowed to.
Wow that’s quite the solution, let’s just kill everyone. And you’re reading it from miss horror movie herself haha.
Very intelligent, it enlarges and stretches your point more than you might realize.

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Never. You need help.

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Humour, you people!!

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@Symbeline I do believe you’re taking this a bit too seriously, but I do agree that joking about suicide is not cool. :(

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Maybe I am, but I do have a hard time believing this question was put up for teh lulz.

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“urge, stupidity, and land of the idiots and some of you took this literally? Lighten up.

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@Symbeline Yeah… Good point. I reread your first answer a few times and thought about it some more. There are those who think the majority of people are just plain stupid, and to some extent it’s true, but that statement would inherently include those who believe/say it. It’s the same as the hypocritical “goth” or other “alternative” types who claim that everyone is a sheep, while they go and shop at Hot Topic just like all the other goth/alternative kids.

No one thinks they’re stupid, but it’s easy to label others as such. There are those who seem to disobey what we would think is common sense, but who’s to say all common sense is the same? There’s also the fact that, in the United States at least, our education is rather sub-par and our society seems to be rather lenient on those who don’t take the time to learn. Why learn how to do something right when we have computers and machines to do it right for us? And with driving (which is where lots of stupid acts are committed), many people have bad driver’s education before getting their license, which is a major problem of our education system.

Side note: people really need to be taught about the rules of the road when on a bicycle. I see so many people doing totally wrong things when biking… like going the wrong way down a one-way street, crossing a busy intersection on a red light… it goes on. But that’s just a pet peeve of mine.

I am guilty of ranting about people’s apparent stupidity from time to time, mostly when it seems to be interfering with my life. I think most people are guilty of that. It’s important to step back and realize that you probably do plenty of things that other perceive as stupid or nonsensical, and that they just don’t know any better. Hate the deeds, not the person, y’know?

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