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Does anyone here use the Skull Candy Pipe with an iPhone ?

Asked by Buttonstc (27597points) May 21st, 2010 from iPhone

It’s a small portable speaker system.

It isn’t primarily designed for iPhone use, but the docking connector fits fine.

There are numerous products like this which are designed for an iPod primarily.

However, from the research I’ve done, many can also work fine with the iPhone since it’s also an iPod (obviously).

The only potential problem for some of these products is signal interference, but they usually display a popup message to turn off airport.

I would like to use it primarily for listening to Fine Tune and/or Pandora radio. So I’m interested in others experiences with it.

The main reason I like this product above similar ones is because it’s size is so conveniently small and yet can produce a lot of good sound.

Hopefully there are others who have used it. It really is a sweet litle unit.

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My friend has. All she uses is Skull Candy.

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