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Is there someone you truly wish was dead?

Asked by Draconess25 (4448points) May 23rd, 2010

It could be that they hurt you, or someone you care about.

Or maybe they’re suffering, & it’s their only means of escape.

Whatever the reason, is there someone you feel this way toward?

And if you had the chance to end their life, would you? How?

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Yes there is.

I would have to think about how.

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One person.
But I hope to eventually not feel that way any longer because I’m sure it’s healthier to not. :)

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No one comes to mind.

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Yes. Hang him upside down by his toenails until he starved to death.

Neither a borrower nor a lender be, my friends.

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I try not to let those thoughts enter my mind. But if they did and I had the chance to do away with them, I would not. I would dread thinking of the consequences on my soul.

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I try to be a forgiving Christian, but I do look forward to the death of my former boss (the worlds worst boss of all time).

When he dies, I hope to take a long, satisfying piss on his grave. My only fear is that the line will be long.

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No one other than me.

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There are many that have hurt me, and many that I really don’t like.
Some that I have loved so much it was painful to endure their pain
to the end.
And if I ever wished anyone dead, I wasn’t serious – simply vindictive,
to sooth my own angst.

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There is one. Unfortunately, I made a sacred promise not to harm him.

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No, thank goodness.

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My brother-in-law honestly deserves to die a slow, painful, lonely death.

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@tinyfaery I’m going to have to betch-slap you.

No, there’s no one.

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No. When the person I hated most in the world died, I cried.

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Nobody. I don’t think I’ve ever hated anyone enough to wish them dead, and I’ve fortunately never known anyone in that much suffering.

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No; I’d hate to carry that on my shoulders. (shiver)

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