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Someone asked me this: "The lack of intelligence of theists; you need god to stop being a f*** up." How should I answer that?

Asked by lexiilectric (82points) May 24th, 2010

I was asked this on FormSpring. Do you think you can help me figure out how to answer this?

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I wouldn’t bother answering that at all ;)

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Any question or answer that cheats and uses umbrella words like “fuck-up” or “shit,” is neither a question nor an answer. It is lazy-speak. Ignore it.

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You have already given that question more time than it deserves. I would take a pass.

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There’s no answer to that; it’s gibberish. Even smartened up into complete sentences it would be composed of a generalized fallacy and a non sequitur. Is the guy a theist trying to make a perverse point?

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I have no idea. And it’s an anonymous person, so I have no idea who it is. But, it seems as if he/she is possibly a theist.

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I want to at least say something to the person. So, could you help me do that? Please and thank you.

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It sound like total mish-mash. Did he mean the lack of his intelliegence? Just say “Sorry, can you rephrase that? I don’t speak Stupid.”

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That comment wasn’t said to solicit a response or start an intelligent discussion; it was a dismissive statement and conclusion. There’s no appropriate way to reply. The best thing to do is not take the bait or attempt to engage the person in a conversation. Sometimes, the best response is no response at all.

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Haha. I just might do that Draconess.

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“Exqueeze me, baking powder, spray that again. Would be some succinct & pertinent responses.

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Eat my shorts.

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@lexiilectric: If you feel compelled to answer, use Part I of Draconess25’ suggestions. “Sorry, would you please rephrase that?” Calling someone “stupid” is never a good idea.

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I was thinking about just using that part. I just might. (:

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I answered their question and said, “Sorry, can you rephrase that.” and they replied, “are you to stupid to understand how it was put?” Idk what to say now…

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“Yes, maybe I do and so far it’s working, maybe you should try it. ” Or you could use my favorite response to something like that, pucker up and give them the dreaded raspberry. Ppppppssssbbbbbsssttttt!

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@lexiilectric Ignore the person now. They are just trying to push your buttons.

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@lexiilectric: It is as immature and silly as the question. Walk away. Write nothing. Silence is golden.

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Alright. I guess I won’t answer it. (:

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I would reply like this: Care to elaborate?

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_“are you to stupid to understand how it was put?” _ You could edit that maladroit sentence. Certainly mention that is “too stupid.’’

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Him: “are you to stupid to understand how it was put?”

You: “Intelligence is trivial when attempting to cognize inadequate use of spelling and grammar.”

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