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What is a good hosting company for VPS (not-shared) hosting?

Asked by Dog (24827points) May 24th, 2010

Currently I am using shared hosting and it is not meeting our needs at all. Our site is busy enough that the shared hosting is messing up stuff and spitting out errors.

I need to find a hosting company that has reliable up time and also is reasonable cost since this site is more for social interaction and is not designed for profit.

They should be easy to deal with and allow easy URL rewriting.

Does anyone here host a site using non-shared hosting?

Do you like your company?

Rough estimate of what you pay would be nice either by pm or posted.

I really appreciate any input here.

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I’ve been using Linode and have been very pleased with them (I’m hosting six websites and some miscellaneous stuff on their smallest option and I still have plenty of headroom). We use Slicehost at Fluther but my recommendation would still go to Linode. Reasonable pricing, pretty decent performance (Slicehost has given us I/O performance issues before, Linode hasn’t done so to me—yet) and full control over your server is what you’ll get.

I should say with both options you’ll need to setup your own server setup (webserver, etc.).

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I’ve used the planet before, and they offer pretty competitive prices for dedicated servers. You also get full root and ssh access.

You can probably get a nice setup for roughly $300/month

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I use Linode for client projects. I currently pay ~$60/mo for a VPS with them, although they have plans starting from ~$20.

I’ve used Slicehost in the past but they’re not the cheapest. We’ve also just started using Rackspace Cloud. So far, they seem pretty awesome.

Good luck!

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