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Facebook - " in a relationship and it's complicated", what does that even mean?

Asked by Jude (32134points) May 24th, 2010

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They’re probably screwing around and don’t care who knows.

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That they are very important!! ..or impotent??that could complicate things

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That they have a serious commitment issue and should either say they’re together or break up!

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Other people invovled that they’re cheating on?

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It means they have drama in their life and want people to ask them about it so they can talk about it. Having that as your relationship status is guaranteed to get at least one friend to ask, publicly, “WTF???? Hope your (sic) OK!” At which point, the person can, publicly, divulge all the details he or she was dying to put out there in the first place.

It’s sort of like having your status update say: :(

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I agree with @MissAusten It’s show time! :o)

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@MissAusten That’s so true!

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I thought it was for when you’re involved with a married person.

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When I had mine as “it’s complicated” it was because I wanted to be in a relationship with a person (and vice versa), but there were things in the way, like distance. We both knew we wanted to be together.. but were unsure at the time. I didn’t consider myself single, because I was interested in this one person but we also weren’t in a relationship at that point.
It wasn’t for drama :)

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Anytime I’ve seen that status used it was by two married people who were separating but not yet divorced. But, I’m sure it could easily mean a number of things.

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@chels You, my dear, are the exception that proves the rule. :)

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Sounds like they’re in a relationship with someone who’s not technically “available” for a relationship…

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It means that someone’s revealing too much personal information on a social website. While it’s true the the message is cryptic, it’s also tempts the reader to reach unfavorable conclusions. I interpret the phrase to mean, “I’m in a relationship, but I’m not committed to it,” or “I’m in a relationship with someone who’s unavailable,” or “I’m in love with someone who doesn’t love me”

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@MissAusten Why thank you :)

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They are in a relationship but will shag anybody who asks.

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I’m of the @Chels mindset. Of course, I don’t have a f*cebook page. Or do I? ;)

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@mcbealer I expected a ‘mwhahahaha’ at the end of that. ;-)

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Well, I tend to see it whenever a couple I know gets into an argument but aren’t broken up….yet. I think it’s dumb. Work out your problems privately, no need to completely throw everyone for a loop by saying “it’s complicated”. My boyfriend and I have had the “In a relationship with…” for six months. We’ve argued, but no need to go changing things around :)

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Usually it means someone clicked a left mouse button or pressed the Enter key whilst the cursor was over that radio button on the control while that Facebook account was loaded.

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@mcbealer Is it possible to have a page and not know it? How could that happen?

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@YARNLADY ~ it’s possible yo have a f*cebook page and others not know of it ;)

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That is such a stupid relationship statues, I hardly understand it myself.
You are either in a relationship or not. Just saying that “it is complicated” kinda looks stupid.

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For a friend of mine, it means she is living with her boyfriend, and her kids from her first marriage are still living with her second husband.

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It depends on the person. It’s complicated can mean something like what filmfann said, or a distance problem, or whatever.

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Married but separated and still living together.

Unhappy, looking to break up but living together in financial co dependence.

Long distance relationship with someone they’ve never met in person.

Separated, living apart but the ex is a PSYCHO.

Together but often breaking up and making up.

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I just assumed it was an invitation for questions.

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It means nothing

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My friend and her husband are divorced, but they still love each other and are living together and doing things together like a married couple. His status is Complicated and hers says In a relationship.

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ALL relationships are complicated!!!

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It’s complicated is code for they are trying to claim a relationship or a person that is not their’s or hasn’t committed to them, or even knows they exist. Or they are in a train wreck or a relationship for some reason can’t seem to give it up or break it off. In short they are not in a great relationship and don’t have the stones to just say so.

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