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I want a facebook reverse block, akin to google mail goggles. anybody know if one could make an app with such functionality?

Asked by joshuav (17points) May 24th, 2010

so, i find that establishing boundaries for myself often helps keep me on a desired path. in particular, sometimes there are people whose whereabouts and activities i want to not know about. i can, of course, remove them from my friends list on facebook, but i’d like something a bit different, that has nothing to do with them, only myself. in particular, i’d like to block myself from seeing their page, their status, their everything. i don’t want to de-friend them, as they would know about this, and this has nothing to do with them, only myself. also, de-friending still permits me to see their page. so, i want to reverse-block them. block myself from seeing them, instead of blocking them to see me. of course, i’d also want the ability to unreverse-block them, but preferably there would be a mandatory 24 hour waiting period, like buying a gun. any thoughts? many thanks….

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If there stuff is showing up on your news feed, You can run your cursor to the top left corner of whatever they have posted and press hide, then proceed to hide anything they’re doing from showing up on your news feed

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I agree with the @CrazyRedHead (and I am one, too!), except I believe the “hide” function is actually at the top right of the post.

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Haha You’re right @augustlan totally typed left, thinking right lol ( and yay redheads! )

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very useful suggestion, indeed, but i want the ability to prohibit myself from unhiding, not just the ability to hide. i imagine one could construct an app to do this, but having never looked at the facebook API, i’m not sure…

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Hmmm I don’t believe I’m computer savvy enough to help you there unfortunately =/

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I was interested in learning more about your question, and you make an interesting point. But, alas, like CrazyRedHead I am not computer savvy enough to also help, but if anyone does come up with a solution please let me know. I’d be interested in giving it a try on a few individuals. ;-)

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alright. thank you redheads, i’ve appreciated your time. any other redheads wanna offer any thoughts?

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