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Mosgue vs cathedrels, churches, temples etc, isn't there a hypocrisy on how they are viewed?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) May 24th, 2010

Doesn’t there seem to be hypocrisy when dealing with mosques, churches, synagogues, and temples etc? People want to say having a mosque near Ground Zero is an insult or slap in the face because the attackers were Muslim. What about cathedrals? If you look back at the history of religion many devastating crusades can be linked to cathedrals so should they be barred from populated areas, or anywhere near a mosque? Because butt nugget cowards wanted to ride the night on white horses spewing hate and burned crosses all while believing they were “good Christian Souls” doing God’s work, should churches be banned from the deep South? What is the difference of some people using a mosque to plan evil or someone using any other religious structure to plan and do evil?

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Perhaps just how they’re spelled.

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Because the KKK just targeted one ethnicity. The terrorists are seen as an enemy to the whole country.

I guess that’s how they think of it. I dunno.

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I would be fine with having no places of worship lol…..And no one thinks about it that way because there are too many christians, orthodox jews, protestants etc. that are a part of the country.

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It sickens me when people equate Muslims with terrorists. Yes, there are extremist Islamic groups that advocate violence, but they’re not mainstream and don’t represent the millions of people worldwide who practice Islam. There are extremist Christian groups within the U.S. that stockpile weapons and manufacture hatred; would anyone argue that such individuals are typical of all Christians? A case in point—Timothy McVeigh, terrorist extraordinaire.

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Are Muslims trying to build a mosque near ground zero? I haven’t heard that.

@Primobabe not being argumentative, I agree with all you said, but I was wondering if Tim McVeigh said he was blowing people up in the name of God?

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The only difference is in what “god” they pray to.

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It’s not the mosque itself, it’s the people that the mosque is associated with. In this case, people associate mosques with Islamic terrorists who carried about the 9/11 attacks.

Personally, the only reason I would say they shouldn’t build a mosque there is because some crazed lunatic is going to try and blow it up.

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@CaptainHarley Jews, Muslims, and Christians pray to the same God.

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@JLeslie What God is that?

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Help, I’m a rock.

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@CaptainHarley They are all Abrahamic religions. Each of them has their own interpretation of Gods word and events, but it is the same God. Christianity grew out of Judaism and Islam a little later. I don’t think Paul, who helped spread the word of Jesus from what I understand, went around saying the Jews don’t know the right God, I think he said that Jesus was the son of God, the messiah. The Jews who did not accept this idea remained Jewish and the ones who accept Christ as their savior are Christians (lets not get into Jews for Jesus).

Now, there have been arguments on fluther over this topic, but basically that is how I interpet this topic, and so far no one has convinced me otherwise.

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You are correct. I misunderstood the question. We could argue the fine points of the various attributes of God covered by each religion, but it’s true that all three spring from essentially the same roots. Strange, isn’t it, how different perspectives on just who and what God is can lead to such turmiol and conflict?

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A bunch of misspelled barf.
Mosques may well not be welcome in the neighborhood of “ground zero” because the perpetrators of 9/11 were pursuing an Islamic jihad agenda. Temples and churches have also had their times and places where they were unwelcome.

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@anartist Can’t you see the fall out if people decided to rid the areas near schools and parks of cathedrels because of the “hands on” priest?

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@Hypocrisy_Central Easier to rid the cathedral of the priest.

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@anartist Maybe they should focus on keeping butt nuggets out of the mosque and not blame the mosque for the butt nuggets sneakig in…....

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