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What's the best thing you ever ate?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7790points) May 24th, 2010

it could vary depending on where you live, but since i live in the midwest, the best thing could be virtually anything. i guess if i had my drothers, it would be “breakfast food.” like…

two eggs over-easy with has browns with peppers and onions, toast and turkey sausage.

or if i’m really feeling hungry and adventurous, me going to an inner-city diner where the servers are stern and mean, but the corned beef is so good and so much is on the bread.

what is the best you ever ate? where? what state? where does a tourist need to go for the best thing in food?

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General Taos chicken at Honey Terriyaki in aberdeen wa :) They make it fresh every time, tastes amazing and isnt very spicy.. Just perfect!

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It has to be the bay scallops I collected in the gulf and had in the skillet one hour later with the soft shell crabs we caught. For a land locked Midwesterner that was a super treat.

No….wait….it was the warm water lobster tails we caught diving and had on the grill in 45 minutes….

No….it was the Chocolate Cake that was made special for me that was by far the best thing I ever ate! Yum! ;)

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The best steak I ever had was at a restaurant called Toppers in Santa Monica.
My favorite restaurant though, is located in my hometown and it’s called Kyoto Palace. It has the best Japanese food (especialy their fried rice) I’ve ever eaten. Om nom nom.

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East Chinese Cafe, serves the best wonton soup ever. But it’s hard for me to say that that is one of the best foods from there. So, since you said one, that is what I chose. But if you come out to Aurora, Co. It’s a must.

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My own cooking of course! lol

Hmmm…what would it be, my chicken fajitas, pepper steak sandwiches, chili, peanut butter cake from scratch with creme cheese peanut butter frosting, my meat loaf…..honestly, my cooking trumps any dining experience…hows that for confidence! haha

I do love eating out though, and the dumplings and corn soup in Taiwan were to die for!

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I have many favorites from all the different regions of the country to which I travel. But, I would have to choose the Cuban sandwich at Carmine’s in Ybor City, Florida as my most favorite simply because I have never found another Cuban sandwich that comes close to the quality of Carmine’s.

Best thing I ever ate…hehehe…that was a loaded question but I stuck it out and answered straight…

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Crab stuffed tilefish at a place on the Outer Banks,NC

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A vagina (Yes I said that).

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Trying to pick just one is making my head explode!

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i typed an answer but then saw @lilikoi‘s and that’s really just the best response. it’s also making me quite hungry.

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@Blackberry Wasn’t expecting to read that is this thread! lol.

A cherry strudel from Elite Bakery in Burnaby, B.C.

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Abalone. There is nothing in the world like it. It’s the only taste that I regret I’ll never have again since becoming a vegetarian.

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My girlfriend Rachel fries beef in butter & garlic, & fries an egg in the leftover juice. It all goes on whole wheat bread. Yum! She always makes sure the meat is a bit bloody in the middle, too!

Or Ellie’s attempts at cooking, because I love her so much & she actually tries (unlike myself).

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the catfish i made last night. no, jk. it was the bomb but not the best thing i ever ate…when i was like 13 or 14 i ate a humongous lobster tail that i think cost around 35 or 40 bucks. ridiculous, but it was the single tastiest thing i ever did eat. so if you ever pass through Irwin, Pennsylvania, stop at the Winchester Room and GETCHOSELF ONE

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Fresh Bluff oysters straight out of the shell with lime juice. I’m salivating just thinking about them. They are out of this world. I could live on them everyday for the rest of my life! .......drool, dribble.

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You fishey/sushi types….ugh! lol ( Okay..Lobster is great! )

I can tell you the worst thing I ever ate, in Taiwan in March…sucked raw sea snails out of little green shells, ( mostly as a challenge to myself to try something really different ) gag…good thing the Taiwan beer was flowing.

The pan of fried duck heads with beaks at the snake alley night market will haunt me forever, almost as much as those taking shots of cobra bile and semen.

Alrighty….where’s my poppyseed muffin….

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If I had to pick a food, it would be my girlfriend’s lobster and shrimp risotto, or this sushi roll I had with mango, apple, yellowtail and some eel I think and other crap.

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In Asia I saw several vendors of crabs with signs that said ’ fresh crap’....lololol

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I think I’d like Blackberry’s girlfriends “lobster”, too!

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LOL Well…I bet Blackberrys berries are big and juicy too. lolol

Oooh the innuendo is infinite isn’t it?

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@Coloma and @Sueanne_Tremendous

What the……...But yes her risotto is probably why I am still with her (just kidding!).

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@Coloma You just cracked me up…..LOL The stuff you ate in Taiwan sounds disgusting. I can just imagine everyone gulping down the cobra bile and semen thinking that they might be ingesting the snake’s power or something. And the snails…... aaarrrkkk! No way!

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The first time I ever ate cheesecake. It was bliss

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I havent tasted mushroom…....

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The best thing I ever ate was grilled chicken that my dad made. My cousin and I were floating on a raft in our pool. Dad called us over and gave us a plate of chicken leg-and-thigh pieces that were black on the outside and bloody by the bone. YUMMY!

Well, we hadn’t eaten all day, and my dad rarely did anything nice like that for me.

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