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Is there music that you just have to stop and concentrate to enjoy?

Asked by Rarebear (25159points) May 24th, 2010

You can’t have it on as background music because it demands your full attention.

I was listening to the Bagatelles by Bela Bartok last night reading a book and I had to put down the book to listen to them. (I realize that’s a very obscure reference that most people won’t have heard, but it’s on my mind). Another example is Tool Lateralus.

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Any time Maria Callas is singing. Joan Sutherland and Marilyn Horne, too.

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I have to do that with most music. I tune out to background music to the point where it becomes noise that crowds my mind without me actually perceiving what it is.

Some music requires a particular focus though, such as Xystus – Equilibrio, anything by Saviour Machine, and most of Epica.

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Anything by City and Colour, it’s just a guy with an awesome voice and an acoustic guitar. It’s calming but it makes you think about the lyrics as well.

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Jeff Buckley.
His voice is so captivating.
I almost have to lay down, shut my eyes and focus on the music when I hear it.

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Most music.

And it’s very distracting. I gotta know the lyric, the chord, the scale….

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Most classical music, and opera especially. It is never background for me. It is foreground music. I’ve sat in my driveway, been late for work, and let the dentist wait because I couldn’t turn off a piece that had to be heard to the end, no matter how many times I’d heard it before.

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my friend, Ed Snead is the hottest bass player in town. incredible.

keyboard – Woody and then sax MO

live music makes it. BREATHE

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A lot of it really. Most recently I stopped what I was doing to listen to Sarah Brightman.

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Pink Floyd DSOTM is definitely a sit and listen preferably with headphones music and most of what Steve Morse and Frank Zappa has recorded is that way for me….now please be quiet!!

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1969, Norman Greenbaum’s fuzzy guitar and “Spirit In The Sky”. the sound of his fuzzy guitar attracts my attention and to this day, i do not know how they made that sound effect back in 1969.

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Stevie Ray Vaughan,Pink Floyd,Norah Jones,Howlin’ Wolf,and Pavorotti’s voice all do that to me:)

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I can’t really say I’ve been forced to stop what I’m doing to concentrate on music, but I am guilty of singing along to some Loreena McKennitt, then all of a sudden finding myself standing at an empty sink and pile of clean dishes, with no recollection of ever washing them.

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Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos. Schubert’s Trout Quintet
Most of Bruce Springsteen I don’t have to stop and listen to but I do have to dance to (being a Jersey girl ‘n all)

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This question inspired my new profile quote, actually
I’m a music hound so it’s not all that rare for me to have songs that I must listen to and will stop everything for.

Mad About You Hooverphonic. Think Portishead without so much sad/angst. The strings are perfect and her voice is gorgeous. This video is also tremendous.

I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone by Sleater Kinney. This is a song to get pumped to and dance around with. I dare anyone who likes rocker girls to be able to sit still to it.

“D’Lovely” Dina Shore (I have this on 78— amazing) I can’t find any version online for free- just trust me it’s powerful in it’s beauty. You can hear her love shining through this song.

Love Me Or Leave Me Nina Simone. This jazz classic is beyond words. Her voice, the nuances she brings blows me away every time I listen to this song – and I’ve listened to it over 500 times on my new computer.

Cold Blooded Old Times by Smog. Simple in it’s delivery- it makes the lyrics even more powerful. This song is a wonderful way to show that songwriting can be done very lean and still be incredibly moving.

Moonshiner Uncle Tupelo. A song that haunts and will stay with the right person for the rest of their lives. Powerful simplicity again- but with a bit more meat to its bones.

Rabbit in your headlights UNKLE This video is disturbing beyond words, powerful, terrifying and never leaves you once you’ve seen it. The song is just as moving. This song is in the category of songs I don’t listen to often precisely because it is so powerful. Don’t watch this if you aren’t ready to be freaked out.

Joga Bjork. One of the most brilliant pieces she’s ever done. The scattered strings, sounds, melody that pulls together at just the right point to explode musically – then they drift out again, a musical tide. If you can find this in high quality download- get it and then put on your best headphones. This is a great song to study and deconstruct for anyone learning music theory/scoring/writing. Utterly powerful for her delivery and one of the few songs that I almost always find a new twist inside no matter how many times I listen to it- and I’m an auditory rolodex.

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@gemiwing “Rabbit in Your Headlights” so good.

Most Bright Eyes is attention-grabbing, due to the witty, poetic lyrics.

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