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Where do the edgy questions go?

Asked by josie (29160points) May 25th, 2010

I recently answered a (good) question about why Pres Obama and Sec Napolitano are ignoring the Feds responsibility for the policing of the border with Mexico. Shortly there after, I checked on the question and got a strange message that we can not find it-perhaps the address is wrong. I seriously doubt it. This is not the first time that I have seen “difficult” questions disappear. Is Fluther an intellectual “Nanny State’?

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Could you provide the link to this question so I can check it out? If the question has been pushed to editing, you should see a message stating that. Questions are never completely deleted though.

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Questions get removed for a lot of reasons. Some get removed for being duplicate questions. I know there have been several questions about the border recently, maybe that’s why.

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Okay, that’s a whole bunch of jumble right there – the q was probably flagged (which can happen for many reasons and mostly never because a question is controversial and that one doesn’t sound like it, anyway) and the OP abandoned it. I don’t know why you think this was a ‘difficult’ q, whatsoever, and is there really a need to call it a nanny state as if that phrase means something or as if (obviously, how silly of me to wonder why something having to do with nannies has to be negative and weak but it’s just like saying ‘being a pussy’, no? obviously rolls eyes) that remark will elicit any productive responses. I haven’t seen you here for some time, maybe you had another account and are a bit peeved that your q was pulled?

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oooh, I think the controversial q is back! my, let’s see what insights we’ll get from it.

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I believe the questions are still there in the computer ether or whatever it’s called, but we simply cannot access it anymore. Everything that is deleted from the computer flows out the back into the ‘bit bucket’.

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I asked a question about a certain group of people and a certain stereotype and asked why that stereotype existed. It was an intellectually honest question. There was no hatred, superiority, or racebaiting, not even privately or subconsciously. The question was sent back to me with absolutely no markups or reasons except 3 words: “probably too offensive”. I then resubmitted the question hoping they’d just reconsider. It was pulled. Gone. It had some cool comments on it too.

I would prefer to err on Edge or offense, than to err on Nannyness.

I’ve also responded to interesting questions posed by others, only to see the questions disappear (perhaps resting in the questioner’s edit box, or perhaps gone for good like mine is).

It’s silly that something like that is somehow “off limits” with no consideration for the actual question.

And if someone’s trying to determine my agenda (as if I had one), all they have to do is look at my other Questions and Answers to look for a pattern.

I really wish that in any gray area, the Question or Answer should remain. Pulling it should be a last resort. Even for editing.

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@Kraigmo “I would prefer to err on Edge or offense, than to err on Nannyness.”

Perhaps if you would err on the edge of politeness or neutrality then your questions would remain. I know what question you are referring to, and I, for one, flagged it as offensive. You were not being neutral, your question was decidedly slanted in wording to the negative for that group of people. As one that loves and is married to someone from that ethnicity, I took offense.

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Ah, are you perhaps referring to the same question that has been asked three times in the last seven days by the same user? If you like to comment on his “edgy” question, look at his profile for a list of his questions and feel free to answer one of the two remaining posts.

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Where do the boring, self-indulgent questions go?

Under the sea, under the sea…

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@Keysha, you made an an assumption about what is in my heart & mind, and you are totally wrong. And so was the mod who chose to believe your assumptions. It’s too bad no one can see the question at hand, because there was nothing rude about it.

This is the tragedy of erring on non-offense. People who make assumptions or are easily offended, are given more power than those who want to honestly figure something out, resulting in the muzzling of some issues.

Politeness and neutrality are both fine, but neither are in conflict with my censored question.

And if you are married to a person from the group I had a question about, then that is a person who could easily fill me in on the whole issue, explain to me how he has had to deal with it, and where the issue comes from, if anywhere.

But sarcastically speaking now, I guess we should all just shut up about that issue because its too big to handle apparently, and let’s keep everyone uneducated.

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@Kraigmo I actually had answered your question and told you you could PM Arisztid, to get information, if you truly wished to learn. I did not see more than one question, which I believe was the first version. Beyond that, I cannot say.

As far as assuming what is in your heart and mind, I can only go with what I read, as everyone can. I am not easily offended. That is an assumption on your part. The question I flagged and was in on, had another flutherite saying “uh-oh”, one basically saying ‘wait until Aris sees THIS”, and a few other similar responses. THAT says I was not alone in what I read.

As far as sarcastically speaking, let me return the favor and tell you that all it takes is a simple ‘What are Gypsies really like’? to get a decent answer, if you are not willing to do a search for the answer on this site. Arisztid’s profile even comes up, with links to all kinds of information.

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@Keysha , I did do a search first. But maybe I used the singular or plural, and didn’t see that other stuff. My Question was pulled before I got a chance to read what you replied to it, which is ironic. I wish I could have read it. I think even the most seemingly offensive things are not necessarily meant to be offensive, or meant to make a statement. Including things and subjects far beyond anything I’ve ever thought of, having nothing to do with my example. This is all idealistically speaking. Fluther has every right to do what it wants I know.

I realize there’s a fine line between what I want, and the phenomenon of bad people using semantics to make statements through the use of questions. But I think people deserve the benefit of the doubt at first and second glances.

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@Kraigmo Err, I do not have anything on my profile right now. I am on semi Fluther hiatus and just have that note up. Keysha did not know I had taken everything off. I shall put the link to my blog up again. I had more stuff up but, well, I forgot what. I have suggested to her to send you a copy of her answer via PM..

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@Arisztid , thank you. Those two articles you wrote answered every single question I had, with detail, that I had asked in my original post. It’s almost as if you wrote the blog in answer to my questions… although you wrote it years ago I see. Thanks for coming here and sharing that and making it so easy for me to get to the bottom of that for myself in my mind.
@josie , thank you, too. Your cool question led me to an almost-lost, in-depth answer on something

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@Kraigmo Most welcome. :) I just decided to cover any oft asked questions. Any other questions, drop me a line.

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Edgy questions go to SodaHead

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