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How is the weather where you live? Also, are you enjoying the weather ?

Asked by gildo (42points) March 15th, 2008 from iPhone
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Seattle, 41 degrees and raining and NO!

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It is raining, like pouring piss out of a boot, in TN. It just hailed for about five minutes. Not very enjoyable weather.

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South Texas beautiful cook out 2 nite.. Backyard and see the fight 2 nite in the 80’s and Tuesday going to South Parde Island only 2 hours away..

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atlanta. TORNADOS lol.

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San Francisco, sunny and perfect like always!

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Same as Cardinal in Eugene, Oregon.. I like it. I had some stuff to do in the yard today. Now I will sit inside with a cup of tea and dork around on the Internet.

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What about the weather where you are, gildo?

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Today the weather in the Netherlands was excellent – the perfect temperature to play football, so I played as good as I’ve never played before :)

Though I suppose you mean “climate” instead of “weather”. The climate in the Netherlands is pretty cold during winter, but not that cold that there’s a lot of snow every year. Pretty rainy, too. However, even though people often complain about it, I think the Dutch climate is excellent – no earthquakes, tornado’s, whatever. The water might pose a thread, but the government takes care of that so it’s not really dangerous :). In summer it’s delightful and in winter not too cold – though there might’ve been a bit more snow.

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90’s today perfect to the garden from Laredo, Tx

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The weather here in Houston is beautiful, it’s sunny and in the 80’s. It’s a perfect day for going outside.

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@Vincentt Good answer, The govennment is taking care of us over here in America too, but not always in a ‘good’ way.

You people in Texas!!!! Just talked to my son in Dallas, said the same thing.

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here in New Orleans, Louisiana the weather is glorious!

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yes its great 80 F and beautiful outside

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@Vincentt Weather is the set of all extant phenomena in a given atmosphere at a given time. It also includes interactions with the hydrosphere. The term usually refers to the activity of these phenomena over short periods (hours or days), as opposed to the term climate, which refers to the average atmospheric conditions over longer periods of time. Basically, you’re wrong in telling him how to word his question! Next time, don’t be so supercilious(smart ass).

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I live in England. So no

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Rainy 1 hour, sunny the next. Weather today is bipolar…

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@bulbatron – sorry, I was only trying to explain why I answered concerning climate. i.e. if he really meant weather, we could post here everyday, and how interesting of that? And “enjoying” it would be quite odd when he was talking about weather, because when it’s sunny people will enjoy it, when it’s rainy people don’t (except for those exceptions here and there).
Climate, on the other hand, is something for which it is more logical to say whether you enjoy it or not.

So yes, I already knew those definitions, and with that in mind, figured that the current formulation of the question was a bit illogical. I was merely trying to help, i.e. if he really meant “climate” instead of “weather” I would’ve answered his question too, and perhaps other people could too. And if not, I’d also have answered his question.

Note also my wording: Though I suppose you mean “climate” instead of “weather”.

So I’m not “telling him how to word his question”, I merely assumed he could have made a mistake and, if so, he could’ve elaborated.

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Weather is really weird here in NJ one day its 65 and sunny next its 25 and snowing. We have a saying here, “If you dont like the weather in New Jersey wait 10 minutes and then you’ll be ok”

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@Vincentt I guess it is just how I read it. Sorry!

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In the 60’s and sunny with an occaisional slight breeze here in San Rafael, Ca! And I love it!!!

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Raining, cold, damp, but no snow so all the ticks are waiting to pounce. Rural NYS, and NO!

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Cloudy. Tornado warning all day. I love Atlanta but this freaked me out.

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in bowling green ky it rains almost every day and temperature is between 20 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit… We got 1 day of snow and a few days of slick ice so far this year. Spring is obviously on its way here. We have had 2 dry days in march!

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rainy but not cold in NC. In the high 60s, it was a good day to go to the movies which is what I did!

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snowy High 40 low 29 In Rockford Mn

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Erie, PA – mid-60’s and perpetually cloudy. I enjoyed it for the first few weeks of spring, but it’s getting old.

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