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Are you concerned about the lack of security at the US borders?

Asked by philosopher (9152points) May 27th, 2010

I feel that not having secure borders poses a threat to American citizens.
Coming to America illegally is against the law. We allow legal Immigration.
Illegal Immigration promotes lawlessness and anarchy.
Drug Traffickers and gangs harm our citizens. Property is destroyed.
Terrorist come into the US illegally too.
Common sense should tell us that secure borders is best for American citizens.

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It’s not particularly high on my list of concerns. Illegal immigrants don’t actually have much of an effect on our economy in the grand scheme of things. Many more American drug traffickers and gangs harm our citizens. Also, none of the terrorist attacks that have happened have been from people sneaking through our borders.

I also fail to see a meaningful and cost-effective way to “secure” our borders. Do you have any ideas? Or are you just complaining?

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Nah, not really, no.

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My one and chief concern is that some terrorists look like illegal immigrants and how can you tell them apart, if they are not stopped and questioned? one definite reason that our broders need the highest of protection.

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@john65pennington Dude. Seriously? Dude…

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@john65pennington, ignoring the racism of your post, as far as I know, there haven’t actually been any Hispanic terrorists.

There’s been Arab and Pashtun (? was the latest Pashtun?) terrorists. Lots of white terrorists too. (Yes, white people can also be terrorists.)

The disconnect from reality here is remarkable. May I ask how old you are?

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Like @bob_, I’m not at all concerned about this.

I am not intending to be personally offensive when I say this, but some of the comments written here display exactly the sort of sentiment that makes the rest of the world think that the USA is an incredibly paranoid, fearful and insular nation.

I’m just glad that I use the internet, and websites like these, enough to understand that there are a huge range of attitudes and opinions amongst the people of the US about things like immigration and terrorism, just as there are anywhere else, and that the views stated above, which I consider fairly astonishing, are certainly not shared by everyone from that country. Unfortunately, I think there are much more narrow-minded people who just hear things like this, and it confirms their judgemental, racist belief that Americans are crazy.

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Hi Englander here.This is bound to appear callous & a little dispassionate but no, I couldn’t really give a flying.Them’s the breaks.

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I believe people should be free to go wherever they wish upon the earth. If they come here to break the law, then they should answer to the law. If they destabilize wages for a time in a given locality due to their willingness to work for less money, then a truly “free market system” will correct itself. If today’s Americans had the balls of their great grandfathers, they would have stronger unions and the immigrant should be welcomed into membership—that would eliminate the wage problem.

Not one North American, including the “indigenous” Americans—immigrants themselves 20,000 years ago—has the moral right to refuse anyone entry to this land. If you don’t like change, if you are challenged by a different culture or religion, if you notice new words entering the language, if you hear more foreign accents, if you see more people with skin, facial features and customs different than yours and you find these things make you uncomfortable, you should be free to move on wherever you wish.

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I can only speak from my own experience, I moved to Australia legally. I engaged an immigration agent and spent a substantial bit of money to obtain permanent residency (later dual citizenship). This was despite the fact that when I moved here I had money in the bank and put no strain on the aussie economy. I was not allowed to work until residency was established which was 2 years.

There is a legal way to enter a country and an illegal one as well. The ideal citizen of a country is probably the one who respects and upholds the laws of that country. The ones who don’t are generally called criminals.

That said if it were not for illegal immigrants, who would pick the lettuce??? Certainly no self respecting legal citizen when you get paid more on the dole than doing a minimum wage job.

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Too bad the US has no such policy.

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