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Should i save this relationship?

Asked by Jay484 (1555points) May 27th, 2010

My ex girlfriend and I split up a couple months ago because she wanted to renew a friendship with her best friend and she just total forgot about me, I want get back together with her because the other 2 girlfriends i had did not last long ( 2weeks and 1 month) while with my first ex girlfriend it lasted all most 3 years. what do you think I should do?

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It is not up to you whether you can renew the relationship. You can make an approach and tell her you would like to maybe try again, but then it depends on her.

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I think you should keep looking. Don’t settle for someone who forgets you like a lunchbox on the bus.

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i don’t know my latest girlfriend broke up with me yesterday for no reason (well she has her reason but she wont tell me)

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You want to be in a relationship with a girl who is unable to maintain friendships while in a relationship, and the reason you want to be with her again is because you got dumped? Really? Why?!?

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no thats not the reason this girl that just dumped me we went out for a month and i liked her but it was not the same as my first ex which lasted all most 3 years

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That your next two relationships didn’t last as long as your first is hardly the most compelling reason for getting back together with your ex.

The reasons why you broke up in the first place should be foremost on your mind when thinking about getting back together. Not that the next two girls weren’t keepers either.

That you were together with your ex for 3 years and you felt she put her friendship above your relationship to the extent that you felt it necessary to break up isn’t really a great recommendation for the actual depth of your relationship.

Anniversaries are swell but it’s about how good the relationship is during those years that counts.

Now if you think you were being needy and out of line with your demands for attention…then maybe getting back together now that you have learned your lesson about this would be a good idea. If your ex will have you…..

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don’t fall back, move forward. If she has forgotten about you – hasn’t even tried contacting you – it’s time to leave her be. There’s better out there for you. Finding a partner doesn’t happen fast.

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