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Does hydrogen peroxide damage your hair at all?

Asked by desiree333 (3206points) May 28th, 2010

I’ve recently gotten highlights, but they didn’t give me enough and I want my hair to be a little bit lighter. I can’t got back to the salon for at least a month, so I bought a bunch of lightening shampoos/conditioners to lighten my hair in the meantime. Then I saw this Sun In stuff thats basically just hydrogen peroxide, and I want to try it. I’m not worried about brassiness because I have violet shampoo for blondes to get rid of it. So, would using Sun In or spraying a mist of hydrogen peroxide on my hair damage it?

Also, isn’t peroxide just water with an extra molecule or something? Wouldn’t that not damage my hair because it would be like putting water in it?

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I’m not sure I would try it…

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I am pretty sure that the chemicals do, in fact, damage your hair making hair dull and brittle.

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@Simone De Beauvoir are you talking about chemicals in Sun In or in plain peroxide?

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@wtfrickinfrack OMG I am NEVER using peroxide near my hair!

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Yes it does

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Hydrogen Peroxide WILL damage it and make it as Yellow as a crayon. Sun In won’t damage it if used sparingly. But if you use a lot of Sun In, it makes it as Yellow as a crayon!

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That extra molecule makes hydrogen peroxide highly unstable. It leaks pure oxygen, which is very explosive. It is sold in very low concentrations. The pure stuff can launch rockets into space.
It works by breaking down chromophore molecules so that they no longer reflect light. Sunlight does the same thing, thus the name “sun in”
I’m not really sure it would damage your hair anymore than spending an afternoon in a swimming pool.
I’m not a fan of the look.

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Edit: meant to say “atom” instead of “molecule” in the first sentence. Rookie mistake.

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If you like having the “orange on top of dark” look, peroxide is for you.

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Of course it does. it strips the hair of its protective oils and makes it brittle as well as removing color. Peroxide-treated hair needs a lot of further treatments to protect it.

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Have you ever poured peroxide on a cut? Know what it does there? Same thing. Don’t do it.

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@Seek_Kolinahr What does it do? Creates ferric ions, water and oxygen. Not exactly scary stuff.
Yes, it can also strip out oils, but soap does this as well. Use some shampoo.

I’m still not a fan of the color.

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