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Where to live in LA?

Asked by brad (12points) November 8th, 2006
I'm an actor recently transplanted to LA from SF. I'm looking for a 1 or 2 br in neighborhoods in LA that are: 1. Are neighborhoody enough that I can ride my bike. 2. Are convenient enough that I won't kill myself in traffic going to auditions in santa monica and the valley. 3. Ideally the apartment would have a bit of style... more NY/SF 20's/30's style than 60's LA shoebox. Price isn't too much of a determining factor. West Hollywood would be ideal in terms of convenience, but I haven't found anything that isn't inSANEly expensive or just gross. Seems like Silverlake/Los Feliz really feel like SF, but I worry about commute. Or am I just making a big deal about things?
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My personal preference is Venice Beach. Fantastic town, REALLY has a community feel. Best beach around. Unique/original architecture. Lots of bikes. Not close to the Valley, but nothing is.
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I'm from LA, but live in SF. In my opinion the only places worth living in LA are silverlake/los feliz or Venice.
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silverlake all the way, join us.. JOIN US. and actually if you can live off the highway the commutes aren't so bad. SL and LF are kind of in the center of things. and truthfully auditions happen EVERYWHERE so you'll be running around no matter where you live.
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I just moved to sliverlake and I can't tell you how much better it has made my life in LA. I moved here from New York orginally and I find my new area to be the most like my old stomping grounds. Also it's a breeze to get to the valley. It's a little harder to get to Santa Monica but your so close to the freeway it's not so bad.
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I love Silverlake, where I live now-- total neighborhood
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oh Molly already said that (my roommate)
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But very convenient, closest feel to NY or San Fran that I've found...
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My favorite is Hancock Park. Not only is it a delightful and safe neighborhood, but it is quite central to everything.
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