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Gentlemen, how do you feel about your significant other's enjoyment/use of porn?

Asked by KatawaGrey (21433points) May 29th, 2010

The cliche and, unfortunately, the reality is that a lot of women hate it when their significant others watch or have porn. What about the rare ish case where it is the reverse and the man or one of the men in the case of a male gay couple is the one who does not watch a lot or any porn and his partner does?

How do men generally feel in this situation?

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Personally, as an avid ‘watcher’, I enjoy my personal time with the screen. I don’t like the idea of sharing my personal time, the ME time, with my significant other. No matter how much I may care for them. There are things that we as People should have for our selves and I believe that pornography, along with spending, is one of those.

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@deadleaf Who said she was watching it with you?

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For the record I think watching porn is a good thing!! YAY PORN!

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@janbb You’re absolutely right. I took the question somewhat personal. My mistake. Perhaps it’s best to keep what you enjoy as private as possible. Of course, having asked first, that way it won’t seem so awkward. Thanks for the correction!

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@deadleaf: I actually quite enjoyed your first response. It wasn’t what I was looking for originally but it still greatly enlightened me. I wonder if other men feel the same way?


I think most men wouldn’t really mind——as a matter of fact, most, if not all men, would love it if their s/o enjoyed watching porn, then it would finally give men a good reason to partake in something they have always wanted to do but generally avoid because most wives and girlfriends hate it and because of societal taboos. Men would no longer feel like they were enjoying something “evil” or “wrong”.

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We watched together, arousal and ideas for new twists.

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intimidated… I can’t do some of the more acobatic things…but then I don’t have a S/O anymore.

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Does anybody still look at porn? I’ve watched it for most of my life, but it is so incredibly boring now. Do you honestly not know what is going to happen 12 seconds after the video starts? Do you not know what she is gonna do? What he is gonna do? Exactly what the fake moans are gonna sound like. Gargantuan fake boobs, pubic areas that look like skinned rats. Gimme a break. Thank God real sex is not so boring. So if she wants to watch porn, my concern would be is she really this simple?

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@plethora Have you ever watched amateur porn?

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@Trance24: Amateur porn is as hilarious as it is arousing.

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@Trance24 Where? The amateur porn I’ve seen isn’t much better. What am I missing?

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The amateur stuff is great for a laugh. Some of the higher quality bondage films are quite instructive, but some show things that are frankly dangerous; nonetheless good material for examples of what not to do.

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@plethora she is referring to amateur porn that is just couples taping themselves. Therefore no fake screaming/moaning or oversized boobs. Just real people having real sex.

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as a women i would like it if my partner were open enough to share with me the porn watching experience. I would love to do it but like what @deadleaf said is what i think most men feel. They want their privacy and i don’t want to make them feel uncomfortable by asking them. Men don’t want to talk about their pornos with their girlfriends. or at least thats what i think. but if i watched porn, would that make me less lady-like? I don’t know. It ain’t like I would do it with everyone. Just my significant other.

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Whatever works.

Her tastes run to quite the extreme.

Please don’t ask. I don’t feel comfortable to go into any detail.

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I love porn. I love having sex and I love masturbating. I don’t think he knows just how much. He says I’m insatiable, and that is just my wanting for him.

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