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How can I eliminate static electricity around my house?

Asked by GD_Kimble (2277points) February 15th, 2007
It's out of control: on the furniture, on my clothes, in my bed, just in the air- everywhere.
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Try running humidifiers (static caused by dry air, I think). You have to clean them once a week, however, to keep bacteria out of water. Also put pans of water on radiators, or keep house plants around. Or just turn out the lights, get into bed, rub hair a little and enjoy the show.
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My grandfather taught me a great trick. You usually get shocked when you touch a doorknob, but if you touch it with something metal (your keys, a penny, etc) you will not get shocked. You also build up static response in your own body when you walk on carpet in socks, so wear slippers or go barefoot.
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when touching something metal, touch it with your knuckle first, there is a static spark but it is not felt (as much)
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Try placing a dryer sheet inside your air intake, on the underside of the filter so it won’t be sucked into the system.

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All the above but you might try wearing rubber soled slippers. Nylon,rayon, silk has a natural tend of generating electricity. Try wareing cotton. Hope this helps

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You might have a mold problem in your house. Mold illness causes excessive static shocks in the house. Get your house tested. It can make you very ill :(

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I have an electric harp with some static. I’ve used a static-free plastic sheet under it and that has helped? I’ll try the idea of going barefoot when playing. Any other suggestions?q

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