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Is there ever a reason to worry if a pet, namely a cat, becomes super needy?

Asked by poofandmook (17272points) May 31st, 2010

I know that if a usually loving and affectionate pet suddenly becomes a recluse, it’s usually a red flag indicator that something’s wrong.

But what if it’s the opposite? If the animal can’t seem to get enough attention, is that ever indicative of something being wrong? Or am I just a super lucky cat mama? lol

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Any sudden and dramatic changes in behavior can be indicators of problems (I have a cat who has attention seeking behavior when she is injured or stressed). If everything else seems normal (eating, playing, no vomiting, no diarrhea, etc) then I would probably tend to accept it as a really good mood.

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@syz: She’s eating and drinking normally, she still follows me around, poop looks normal, though it’s a bit difficult with two boxes and two cats, but still no loose or bloody stools. But for the past several weeks, she just has to be sitting on me or touching me. The way she does it isn’t different. It’s just the frequency.

Granted, for a while I was in a pretty low state, which animals can sense and they’ll try to comfort you. Also during that time, I spent a lot of time in bed, which is where all the cuddling is done. But now I’m working a lot more and spend less time lounging around in bed. Maybe she misses having a couch potato mama.

There was one vomit incident about two weeks ago, but none since, and it kind of looked like a hairball to me anyway; no food.

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Animals change just like people do, especially in their maturity.

My old cat became much more of a house cat and much more needy and craving of attention in his mid-life/old age.

I agree with the other comments, if your cat is not unwell I’d say that he/she is just shifting,
not unusual for animals or people to change as they progress through their life stages. Shift happens. lol

I have had several cats over the years that became less independent and more affectionately oriented in their advancing years. Both males….uh….go figure. haha

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/sigh… mid-life…

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Yes…time waits for no cat. lol

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I’m having this same issue, but I know the cause…we just moved. My cats are starved for attention. We were living with my parents and brother, and my cat Henry really took to my brother…he’d go in and hang out with him all the time. My brother is quiet and keeps to himself, just like he was in heaven! Plus, I just had a baby and the cats are weary of that (except now they want to lick him and sleep with him since he can’t get to them yet!)

I went to Target and got them a new toy, and I think they just need some fun toys to chase. I’m hoping that helps them..and gets them out of my damn way all the time. lol

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toys shmoys. Mookie is so stupid she’ll pick a crumpled up paper ball over the bazillion other toys running around here. And the Poof is too lazy. Her idea of playing these days is laying on her side, digging at the ball with her back feet, pushing it away, looking at it and deciding she’s too lazy to go get it. If I take it and kick it back to her, she grabs it up and digs at it with her back feet… rinse and repeat.

She just NEEDS. HER. MAMA. ALL. THE. TIME!! It’s a bit much sometimes… especially when she tries to climb up me and sticks her paw supporting her poofy girth directly into my gut right after I’ve eaten.

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@poofandmook Poof sounds like my Spencer. He is so fat and lazy. But, he’ll run ahead of you, then plop down on the ground when you least expect it..then you know, you fall down the stairs because a cat decided laying in your path was a good idea. Oh, and then he wants to be fed. haha

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I love all these cat sharings….cats are so awesome.

Eckhart Tolle says that he has known many zen masters, all of them cats. ;-)

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