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If I'm starting Stargate SG-1 when do I start shuffling in Atlantis?

Asked by TheRocketPig (612points) May 31st, 2010

Hey All,

I’m watching Stargate SG-1 for the first time (just finishing up season 1) and I was curious when I should start watching Atlantis. I’m trying to keep the continuity up on both.


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There is actually a transition episode. I don’t remember the exact season but when you meet Elizabeth Weir, you’re ready for Atlantis.

Btw, excellent series. I hope you enjoy it!

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I never got into Stargate. Maybe I should. I watched the pilot movie a while ago, when they first find the stargate buried in the desert, set it up in a military lab, and hire that clutzy scientist to figure it out, and they go to that destert world where everybody is afraid to write. And then that dude with the giant flying pyramid shows up and all h#!! breaks loose…

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KatawaGrey is correct. Elizabeth Weir’s arrival indicates the beginning of the transition, although some of the details were provided long before her first appearance on the show. SG has long been a personal favorite of mine. Happy viewing!

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Stargate Atlantis starts at the end of SG1 season 7 (The Lost City parts 1&2). I know this because I got the complete box set for Christmas.

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Thanks everybody!

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Don’t feel like you have to waste your money on Atlantis in order to enjoy SG1. There are no episodes of SG1 that depend on any deep knowledge of Atlantis. (They’re on a city in another galaxy, built by the ancients, and face a really scary alien race called the Wraith. You are now fully briefed.)

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I liked the first four SG-1 seasons, then I got somewhat bored and switched to Atlantis. I might be part of a minority here, but I actually think Atlantis is better than SG-1.

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@mattbrowne – That’s sort’a what happened with Star Trek: The Next Generation. Some people got bored with it and switched to Deep Space Nine or Voyager (series that take place in the same universe and occurring in parallel with each other).

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My uncle is an SG-1 fanatic and he urged me to start watching Atlantis around the beginning of season 9. He thought I would enjoy them both because some episodes have jokes and cracks that parallel throughout the two shows. I only remember one such moment, but I don’t think it really matters when you start Atlantis.

If you haven’t begun Atlantis yet, I’m very excited for you. Atlantis imo had a better story/plot than SG-1. The only reason why I favor SG-1 over Atlantis is because I enjoyed SG-1’s characters a heck of a lot more. That’s not to say that Atlantis doesn’t have great characters though, because it does.

Oh, also because you just finished the first season of SG-1, I’m double as excited because you have barely scratched the surface for how amazing SG-1 develops. I couldn’t peel my self away from Hulu for like 6 months.

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@mattbrowne I watched through SG-1 for the whole 10 seasons. I tried two episodes of Atlantis but the annoying guy was, well, annoying so I quit. So you’re saying it gets better?

BTW, I’ve been watching Stargate Universe and have really been enjoying it.

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@Rarebear Rodney… grows on you. A little. Or maybe you just get used to him.

Honestly, if I were to make a suggestion for someone unfamiliar with the entire series, I’d tell them to watch the movie, and then watch SG-1 until the end of the season that ends with them all fishing at Col O’Neil’s place. Pretend the series ended there.

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Yes, I know that many people find Rodney extremely annoying. Why do I find the series better? Not sure. Maybe there’s more sci-fi in Atlantis and a bit too much mythology in SG-1. Better visual effects. The actors playing the Wraith are great. The replicator idea is interesting. And I really like the Teyla character and both doctors.

I’ll try Stargate Universe!

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SGU is nothing like either SG1 or Atlantis. It’s not the same style of show. It doesn’t have the same pacing or the same humor. It’s in the same universe, but not the same genre, if that makes any sense. I’m still watching it, but only because I haven’t yet told my TiVo to stop recording it….

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Personally, I am a huge fan of Rodney and have been deeply in love with him ever since we were first introduced to his character. :)

All three of the Stargate series’ are completely different shows. I love SG1 and I think it’s a damn shame that Atlantis couldn’t last longer. Unfortunately, the writing suffered a bit while SG1 was still on because the writers were spread so damn thin between the two shows. The writing and acting picked up immensely after SG1 ended. On the whole, I think both series’ are worth watching whereas I’m still teetering on the edge about SGU.

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I’m with @mattbrowne – I couldn’t get into SG but I really liked the Atlantis series.

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@zenele @mattbrowne @KatawaGrey OK, you convinced me. I’ll give it another go.

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Awesome!!! I’m mega pumped to be getting into this show! I’ve always been a fan of sci-fi shows… star trek, battlestar, firefly, farscape… just never really watched stargate. (I didn’t have constant access to Showtime so I never really got into it.)

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