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What's a good job searching site?

Asked by joon1986 (185points) May 31st, 2010

People who are in business/finance/economic field~~~especially recent graduates who got a job in past few months!!!!!
where and how did you guys search for your job
I am currently using and my school job searching site but had no luck…and there are not that many job posted in my field of interest
so I am wondering how other people are doing and what you guys are using
let me know if you guys have any tips on job searching method
(ex. website, resume writing tips, and so on)

btw) I live in Windsor, ON, Canada and looking for job anywhere in Ontario, US, or even Asia and Europe…

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If you want to know about government jobs

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@VanderwallsForce thanks!!
I will check but I highly doubt if I can even apply to US government jobs when I am Canadian….
I guess I will look for similar website for Canadian government
but again…thanks for the tip

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I work in a University that has a business/finance/economics degrees. I’ll ask the other Professors (I’m nursing Ed) what they advise their graduating students and post again.

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[mod says] Very minor typo in title corrected via internal editing.

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I don’t believe there is any such thing. Some people will get lucky on some sites, but overall, you have touch base with as many of them as possible. The best way to get a job is still the old time honored spend at least 8 hours every single work day looking, since you are literally working for yourself now, and 10 hours would be even better.

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@YARNLADY thanks!
I guess I wasn’t so clear about what I was exactly looking for
I am not looking for “99% guaranteed” job searching technique
I am simply asking how and where other people are searching for their jobs
for example: tell me if there is a good website I should go (like monsters, workopolis)
or other sources where I can get job posting list like what @VanderwallsForce kindly provided
With all this information I could start looking for jobs for real
now with only limited resources….I could only spend max 2 hours on job searching as there are not that many new stuffs comes out these days
but thanks anyway

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@joon1986 Sorry – It depends on what you are looking for. My adult grandson, who is unemployed, tells me he just spent two solid hours on clicking on job leads that were all fake. They take you to a phishing site that collects e-mail address and sells them, or to military sites that say join the military for such and such a job.

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yes indeed;


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