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The terrible secret of teleportation!

Asked by SmashTheState (12814points) May 31st, 2010

Teleportation has been around for many years, and you’ve used teleport booths all your life to get around, never thinking anything of it. Then, one day, you discover the terrible secret: the booths work by creating a perfect duplicate at the other end, exactly the same down to the last atom and quantum state, and then killing and destroying the body of the person who stepped into the booth.

Will you ever use a teleport booth again?

Would your answer change if, instead of instant death, the person who steps into the booth is taken away and shot?

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Well the only problem with this is if you replicate something down to the very atom, do the memories become replicated as well? I would imagine not. But, yeah i guess if its how society functioned id have to deal with it.

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If that was the way teleportation worked, I would never use it (again).

Taking the bus is more fun, anyways.

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I wouldn’t have used the teleportation booths to begin with. Not that I’m some kind of Luddite, but I would be very wary of them until they worked out all the kinks and apparently they haven’t.

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There was a very interesting science fiction story about this issue, and some possible consequences.

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Oh, hells no!

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When you figure the oldest any cell in your body lives to be is only about seven years then what’s the big deal. Technically we are all perfect duplicates (imperfect, in my case). Our lives are basically software being run on an organic processor. Who’s to say that our lives don’t end and start again when we reboot our software (awaken) every morning? I say beam me up, Mr. Scott. I’m ready anytime.

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Well, considering I’ve been using it and didn’t know this fact before, one can assume that memories are replicated, too. And since I’ve apparently done it hundreds or thousands of times before, why stop?

I’ve got a book/movie in mind that I really want to ask if you’ve been reading/watching, but I don’t want to give it away for anybody. Bah!

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Sure I would. I am no McCoy.
The being shot scenario, not sure.

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I would quit post-haste. I might even start sabotaging the system, if I could.
@MacBean @YARNLADY Y’all aren’t thinking of Orion Among The Stars, are you? Good read, if you’ve got 24 uninterrupted hours ahead of you.

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