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Why are concert tickets still being monopolized by ticket brokers?

Asked by iLove (2344points) June 1st, 2010

I became a fan of my favorite artist in order to get pre-sale tickets, in paperless ticketing fashion. paperless ticketing means you HAVE to be present with the CC you used to pay AND a driver’s license to enter the venue.

From what I read, this helps prevent abuse of ticket sales by ticket brokers. I went online first thing for my pre-sale today and saw that many of the good seats were gone. ALREADY there are tickets being sold on Ebay and other sites for HUNDREDS, THOUSANDS of dollars. How is this possible?

I DID get decent seats, like 8th row but how in the world did these brokers get all the GOOD seats?

This makes me very frustrated. How can a regular person ever enjoy an artist up close without spending lots of money?

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Because people continue to buy tickets from ticket brokers.

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@loser – This response does not help me understand how they can get access to tickets that have such stringent requirements for purchase and entry.

I thought the policies were created to prevent brokers from gaining access to these seats.

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