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Is there a living writer whose works you buy everything of without thinking twice?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (33168points) June 2nd, 2010

I love books and reading, and there are two living writers that I rush to the bookstore for whenever I hear they’ve got something new out. They are Thomas Pynchon and Anne Carson.

Do you love reading? Do you subscribe to certain publications containing the work of your favorite writer? Do you buy all books by your favorite writer?

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Stephen King… Love his books and his movies. love love love.

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Robert W. Caro

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Tom Robbins, Stephen Fry, David Sedaris, Sarah Vowel

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J.D. Robb books about a futuristic (year 2059) cop (Lt. Eve Dallas). I also buy all Fern Michaels books about the Sisterhood (a group of vigilantes).

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Janet Ivanovich, David Drake, Terry Goodkind, Douglas Adams

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I wish u had said Living or Dead. Tennessee Williams. All books by him and about him and all his movies.

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Anne Tyler
Penelope Lively
Sue Gee
Kate Atkinson
Laurie R. King

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Meg Cabot. nuff said :D

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There’ve been fiction writers I followed like that in the past. Not so much now. But I still turn an interested eye when something (nonfiction) comes out from Oliver Sacks, and I would look at a new novel by Haruki Murakami or Elizabeth Hand because of some of their past work.

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@GrumpyGram : I thought about it, but in the end decided on wording the question the way that I did. Still, Tennessee Williams is a great choice.

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Terry Pratchett and, when I can afford them, James P. Blaylock.

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oops, I think its Robt. A

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@mrentropy : Oooo! I almost listed him, too, but I will often wait to get his books at the library. The 2 authors I listed are the ones that I just have to own.

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Michelle Paver,Cornelia Funk,and J.K. Rowling. I believe there are still other novels from other authors that I haven’t read yet. I usually try to buy a novel with ‘New York Times Best Seller’ and if it’s a romantic/science-fiction/fantasy genre.

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@mrentropy : Oh, yes, that would help, wouldn’t it? I mean Terry Pratchett. Love his Discworld series.

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JK Rowling.

It used to be Hunter S. Thompson, as well, the bastard.

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I’m surprised no one has said Chuck Palahniuk, although I haven’t yet read Pygmy and I haven’t bought Tell All, his latest. Snuff was disappointing, but I probably would have enjoyed it more if it was released 2nd or 3rd in his collection.

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@kevbo Yeah. I like him too, but you kind of made my point as to why I didn’t put him on my list. I haven’t run out to buy his latest and therefore i don’t think he fits the question. I will buy anything Sarah Vowel writes. First day. Even if it’s just a shopping list.

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I love and always will love Christopher Paolini. He wrote the Inheritance Cycle with Eragon and Eldest. I’m in love with fantasy books, especially with his descriptive style. My friends and I almost have book club meetings about his books and we are guys (don’t judge, he is a great writer lol).

Otherwise, I haven’t read any other recent author’s works.

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Haruki Murakami.

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@kevbo I love Chuck, but I am having trouble getting thru Survivor.

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James Lee Burke, one of the Dave Robicheaux books was made into a movie with Alec Baldwin

Robert B. Parker, up until a year ago. He created the Jesse Stone character, which were made into TV movies with Tom Selleck

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James Patterson, Maeve Binchy, Catherine Cookson, Teri Gerritson, Jodi Piccoult and so many others!!

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Malcolm Gladwell
Ann Tyler
Timothy Keller
Lee Child
Barry Eisler
Greg iles

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Gore Vidal, Orson Scott Card

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The poet Lucia Perillo, Louise Erdrich even though it’s hit-or-miss,
Ursula K LeGuin ditto, Jane Smiley, Phillip Pullman, Patrick Leigh Fermor, Ryszard Kapuscinski…

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No, ‘fraid not. My mom does this with Stephen King. She’ll read anything by him without reading any kind of synopsis. She actually prefers to not know what the book will be about. That doesn’t mean she loves every book he’s written, but she’s a pretty huge fan.

I do this with certain classical composers, though. I’ll listen to anything by Tchaikovsky; I don’t care what it is. Chances are I’ll like it. :)

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Stephen King and Irvine Welsh.

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I have every Meg Cabot book ever written, and I will forever and always buy whatever she publishes. And that’s the dirty truth.

I also have all of Jane Austen’s works.

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@ruk_d I, too, have all of Mr. King’s books, in hardcover. I also have just about all of them in paperback so as to not mess up the expensive hardcover versions. Same goes with Dean Koontz.

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