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How will you redesign your body?

Asked by SmashTheState (13357points) June 2nd, 2010

As we approach the Singularity (the point at which the curve of technology goes vertical and we become, in essence, gods), the reality of genetic engineering beginss to open before us like the lotus. When the human genome is completely unlocked, retroviral engineering will become commonplace. Already, retroviral techniques are starting to be used in fields like dentristry, to regrow teeth. One day very soon it will regrow limbs and organs.

When it becomes possible to rebuild your body however you please, what is the first change you plan to make to your design? An extra cup-holder arm? Green photosynthetic skin? Gills and webbed hands and feet? Wings? Eyes capable of seeing into the ultraviolet and infrared range? A prehensile tail? Tentacles?

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I’ll ‘settle’ for bland things like another foot of height…a curve or two…blemishless skin that never ages…and gracefulness. Oh, wait, that’s not physical!

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I would redesign my body to grow another limb or organ if it got injured or cut out. Like a starfish, only include organs as well.

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@Pandora I’m not sure I’d want to involuntarily regrow my tonsils and foreskin.

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@SmashTheState Maybe you could re-design the foreskin into something useful and too pretty to whack off. Or, should that be ‘handsome’?

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could I regrow all the cartilage in my joints?

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@SmashTheState Ouch. And every girl would be a virgin again. So foreskin would be the least of your problems. LOL
Tonsils are a good thing. Only bad when it goes bad.

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I rather think that we’re going to hit a pothole on that road to pseudoapotheosis, or else we’ll stagnate.

I would probably not modify anything.

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Number one, right off the bat: Have a body that is free of pain. I don’t mean I could never feel pain… since pain can be a useful warning, I wouldn’t want that. But I’d be quite happy to do away with the constant pain of a slipped disc, fibromyalgia, and old injuries. Second, get rid of all my allergies and my sensitive skin. Then I’d fix my jawline. Once all that’s taken care of, I’ll take a set of wings, please. :)

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Aside from curing my medical problems- I would get rid of breathing. Then we can live underwater (to a certain depth of course).

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I’d love to actually see ultraviolet and infrared and so on, with a special lens that kicks in so one could see underwater without goggles.

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A simple change of gender (female to male), along with an extra 6” of height and +3 shoe sizes. That will do me just fine. :-D

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I’ve had this list for YEARS.

1. Thumbs on my feet. Strong enough to grip and support my weight if need be.
2. Second joint on my legs, so that they could bend forward and backward
3. Tail with a hand on the end.
4. A bio electric battery to store unused energy, so I could plug my iPod into myself or stay up a long period of time.
5. Gills in my neck
6. Adjustable eye lenses, things like darkening in bright light or possibly zoom.

This list goes on. I’d go crazy, is basically the gist of it. I’d probably be a monster by the time I was done.

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I’m boring, but I just want some wings. Fuck rush hour lol.

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@Symbeline Awesome. LOL, Only molting would be a really big problem.
Wonder would we still eat birds?

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@Pandora Why wouldn’t we?
And birds eat birds all the time.

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There are plastic surgeons already making wings for people as part of the “radical BM” movement, by surgically reversing some ribs and then stretching skin across them. They aren’t functional of course, and that’s the big problem with wings. If you want functional wings, you’re going to have to do some serious modification to the human body. Either you’re going to need wings with a span so large that you’ll be prevented from riding in a vehicle, sitting on a chair, or possibly even walking through doors. Or you’ll have to do what birds do and hollow out your bones to reduce weight. Where were you planning to put your bone marrow? Genetic engineering will be able to accomplish miracles, but we’ll still be constrained (for the moment) by physics.

(When we unlock zero point energy and the secrets of quantum mechanics, all bets are off for physics, too, of course.)

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I’d love to have my right knee like it was before the ligament tear/damage.

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@SmashTheState To say nothing of the cardio and muscular requirements! There’s a reason why the roc is an unrealistic animal.

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@Pandora I’d get bat wings then. Like Desdimona in Gargoyles. :D

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I notice a lot of these answers are hypothetical. “I’d get bat wings then,” for example. I don’t think folks realize that we’re talking about stuff which will probably be possible within our lifetimes. I recall reading an interview with the head of one of the two major labs working on anti-agathic drugs, and he said if you are 30 years old today, you stand a good chance of being alive 200 years from now. The first anti-agathic drug is now available on the market, and the first company selling stem cell-grown human bladders has gone into business. This stuff is not science fiction, it’s happening right now. My guess is the ornamental stuff will probably become available first, so that early adopters pay for the development which will provide the meat-and-potatoes medical miracles later.

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@Symbeline Cool. I’ll join you. Sounds like a plan.
@Nullo, Just thought we may feel its like eating monkeys. Of course some cultures do eat monkeys but ewwweee.

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@SmashTheState Fuck that, I want my monkey feet. Give immortality to someone else.

I’m kidding, do you have any sites where I could read up on this? I always kind of figured it’d be my kids who were immortal, not me.

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@Pandora I think I’d like to try monkey sometime. See, I’m keeping a list of unusual animals that I have eaten. It’s short now – horse, frog, and maybe rabbit – but I want to add to it.

Somebody find me a koala.

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