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What do certain smells remind you of?

Asked by mollypop51797 (1425points) June 5th, 2010

I have heard that certain smells seem to remind you of certain events that have already passed. For example, (I don’t know if this is true, but I’ve heard that this supposedly works) if you chew mint gum or suck on a mint while studying for a test, and then during the test suck on a mint (or chew gum either one) you will remember what you had been studying for the previous night. Apparently, memories and scents are linked to your brain and your nose which helps bring back memories and events from previous times. I’m no doctor, but I can see how this may be true. When I was in Paris, I used to wear this certain perfume everyday, and then stopped using it for a year. Then, when I decided to spray some on (some time later..way after the trip) I felt like I was in Paris again! It was the most interesting feeling and it made me feel young again! So, I have decided to ask the collective intelligence, what smells bring back memories to you? What are the smells and what do they remind you of?

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I particularly love the scent of a fresh water lake when a breeze comes up from the SW. It reminds me of being at camp in Maine when I was very young.

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Public toilets, spits on floor in disgust, remind me of school.Ahh happy days.Nothing beats that glorious aroma of the interior of a brand new car however, well maybe newborn freshly bathed baby does.

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Early stages mildew reminds me of my great grandmother, her house was aicent and you could smell just a hint of mildew.

Spaghetti sauce reminds me of a food fight I had with my nephew when he was 2, we had a blast.

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Crayons make me think of elementary school, particularly Kindergarten. Mrs. Jax was a wonderful teacher! Wintergreen mints make me think of my grandma. Beer makes me think of college.

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Sometimes the smells when snow is melting takes me back to being a little girl on the farm. Pipe tobacco takes me back to the farnhouse as well. Poplar tree sap takes me camping. I haven’t smelled Brut for 35 years but that would remind me of necking!

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play dough reminds me of my childhood

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