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Is fluther serving as a publisher and archiver of our lives?

Asked by wundayatta (58663points) May 23rd, 2011

In a comment made here, linguaphile wrote:

I am thinking about the amazing and wonderful [people] who, for reasons we wouldn’t know, didn’t have anyone to speak for them and share their value with others. For example, one of my favorite authors, Zora Neale Hurston, died alone, penniless and was tossed into an unmarked pauper’s grave. If Alice Walker had not happened to find Zora’s writing in 1973 and catapult her to post-humous fame, who would have been there to speak for Zora, and in essence, define her life?

I don’t know how long fluther will last, nor what will happen to the data here (our writings) when it shuts down, but for the moment, it strikes me that it does preserve the work of many people, and that sometime in the future, someone might use this archive.

Even before fluther might be used as an archive, it might be a publisher. Do you think of yourself as being published when your work is put up on fluther’s website? After all, there are editors (the moderators). Do you think that someone could edit the work here and turn it into a more concise book that could be sold, with perhaps many copies being sold?

Do you think anyone would ever want to go through the gazillions of words written here? If they did, what might they be looking for? Do you think this archive would realistically be one that is saved should fluther go out of business?

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I think whoever decides to archive/ write about fluther should look at all The Jelly below me… threadds, I get the feeling they are unknown confessionals!!

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No, my blogs, both personal and public, do that for me.

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If so then I’ll have to ask for royalty… Anyway I think it’s not really prospective since,with all respect,fluther is still a small site compare to other bigger similar sites which are more popular and more/most people access each day.

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Interesting question, @wundayatta. A lot of really great stuff gets written here (along with the mundane.) If Fluther ever does shut down (NOT HAPPENING ANYTIME SOON), we have discussed the possibility of making a book of all of their own Fluther contributions available to our members. A nice way to remember it all, I think. Whether anyone else will ever see such a book, or what they’d make of it if they did, I can’t speculate.

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@augustlan That would be a convenient thing to have even now.

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I have a copy of every question and responses up until a few months ago. If needed I could parse all of it and dump it into a searchable database.

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@wundayatta That’s a great observation. Sometimes the writing here can be thought-provoking and poignant. Today we still read diary entries and letters from the past, so years from now maybe Fluther’s archives will be something like that.

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@johnpowell How do you do these things?

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@wundayatta :: I used wget to grab the HTML for all the questions. So I have:
The questions asked and who asked it and when.
The answers and who answered them and when.

If I write a script to parse all the individual HTML files I would use Ruby and nokigiri to put the info into a MySQL database. It would be a fun weekend project. From there it would be trivial to have it show things like “All my questions” and “all my responses”.

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@johnpowell “I have a copy of every question and responses up until a few months ago. If needed I could parse all of it and dump it into a searchable database.”


Retreats to glass house.

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@fundevogel :: You say that like it is a bad thing. I’m proud of my nerdiness.

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Nerds don’t drink.

to excess. on purpose.

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@johnpowell I’m a nerd and I’m proud!

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