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Why do people die from alzheimer's disease?

Asked by kelly (1908points) March 16th, 2008

obviously it is not simply forgetting. what causes the death, forgetting to eat, breathe ??

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Usually they don’t die from it directly. They die of an accident or something else that happens. My grandmother had it. There are few things more awful.

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I don’t know the answer. My great-grandmother has the beginning stages and it breaks my heart to see her the way she is.

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the loss of memory can occur to such an extent that all activities become automatic, so they never move or anything. because they never move, muscle degeneration occurs, which leads to other things, such as pneumonia. thats what happened to my grandmother and grandfather.

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This link should help you:

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What i’ve heard is that alzheimers disease doesn’t kill anyone directly but the consequential memory loss can cause individuals to make decisions that put their life in danger. For example many elderly people take a lot of medication and memory loss can cause them to misremeber taking their pills and to actually overdose.

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People do not die from alzheimer’s disease directly. However, many medical professionals and pharmacutical companies say that people do die from the disease. Then in their explanation they cite the true causes. As scamp stated, ”...decisions that put their life in danger.” The Alzheimer Society of Oxford states ”... pneumonia due to immobility or difficulties swallowing. .... the person may not recognize sensations…. may not be able to eat, drink or swallow properly…” as part of their “yes” answer.

These are the “why” behind alzheimer’s disease deaths; let us not forget natural causes too. Thank God.

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In the best cases, those with Alzheimer’s disease die from complications resulting from the disease, such as fractures, pneumonia, blood poisoning…etc. However, there comes a time when the body can forget how to do even involentary things, such as swallow, urine and bowel output (digest food), and breath. It is not a pleasant way to pass on. Hospice can a great comfort for those who hang on this long and comfort measures are needed.

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