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If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

Asked by AustieZ (363points) June 6th, 2010

If you could live anywhere on earth (up to two places; summer home/winter home thing), where would it/they be?

Crans-Montana, Switzerland and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for me. Theres just something about them that made me fall in love with them.

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Toughie. London came to mind first, but I’ve always wanted to be able to call Australia home.
And have an accent.

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I want to live in three places during the year. 3 months in Michigan, 3 Months in NYC, 4 Months in FL, and two months that would change every year starting with Italy, then Australia, then Spain…

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If I ever become a bag lady, San Francisco would be ideal. Since I’m not at that point, the plan is to get the heck away from Graceland and settle in a small town in England.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Haha. I’m live near Graceland right now also.

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Sounds nice.

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Seattle, Wa during the summer and CO for the rest of it

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I’ve been thinking about this. Somewhere that is cool for most of the year is what I would like.

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@perspicacious Really? What is cool to you?

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@JLeslie 73 and under. I have just come to really dislike hot weather and I live in the SE now.

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@perspicacious I see. Maybe San Diego would be close enough? If you still want it to be sunny and not freezing in the winter. I like it in the 80’s. I miss living in FL.

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I’m quite happy to stay in my (not so) little corner of Australia, although I would also love to live in Oxford if England weren’t so cold all the time.

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I dislike that you said “on earth”

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@JLeslie My sister lives in south FL and it’s torture down there as far as I’m concerned. I would not mind living where long sleeves were necessary in the summer. I’ve spent some time in the extreme north of California and loved the climate up there. A lot of rain, but a nice temperature all year long.

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@perspicacious I could see that. I would never recommend Florida for you. I love living there. It is hotter in Memphis (where I live now) in the summer than Boca Raton, and for over 4 months in the winter it is Spring weather. I would rather complain about the heat than the cold, but that is me. Northern Cali makes sense for you. Go for it.

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@JLeslie It’s looking like a move is in my future. :)

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I love England, except for English winters, so I’d like to spend the winter months in New Zealand.

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a Scandinavian country, preferably Norway :)

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There’s no place like home & here i’d like to stay.Although a villa on Lake Como would be a luxury I could cope with for a couple of months I s’pose.

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Small beach town in NorCal. It would be my home base to travel out of.

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NYC is home for me, so that’s tops in my book. I’ve always dreamed of living in Paris, London or Amsterdam. I’m a city gal, can you tell?

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Let’s see…

No temperature over 76F or under -25F.
Four distinct seasons. Winter must include snow, although I could do without blizzards. I don’t mind rain, although I don’t want it all the time. Enough to keep things as green and healthy as possible.
50-ish acres, wooded except for an acre or so.
No more than a 20 minute drive from a grocery store.
No more than an hour drive from a city with museums, sports, good restaurants.

Except for the summers being too hot and the lack of 50 acres, I have this. But if someone knows where I can get the temperature, let me know!

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