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Does one eye typically see more red/blue than the other?

Asked by Nullo (21973points) June 7th, 2010

Every once in a while, I’ll notice that the feed from one side has more red tones in it (or perhaps the feed from the other side has more blue tones?). Common occurrence?

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My eyes definitely see colors differently than each other. One eye seems more..I don’t know, yellow? It’s weird. I know nothing about this sort of thing though.

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It is abnormal. It may be indicative of optic nerve problems, or it may be nothing at all.

Think about how often it occurs, how long it lasts, what you’re doing when it happens, and anything you can do to make it go away. Then go get your eyes examined and let the optometrist know that’s why you’re in.

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@palbertq The only common factor is that there’s a lot of light in the area. I suspect that it never actually goes away, just becomes harder to notice since light levels change and I’m not always mashing one eye shut.

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This does not happen to me. Although I do see blue/green colors differently than many people. I see it more blue and they see it more green or vice a versa, I can’t rememeber. But, I have not noticed seeing color differently with each eye. I’m going to pay attention to it over the next couple of days. I rarely have one eye closed so how would I know? Interesting.

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YES! In some cases, I can look at something and while closing one eye then another, I see bluer hues compared to redder hues in each eye. Never thought others experienced this too! Of course it’s not like I’m seeing only red, or only blue, just slight changes. It probably has something to do with the colors on the 3D glasses though.

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With a simple experiment I just performed, I noticed a difference between the two eyes reference of a blue surface. When I put each eye in the others physical place, the change went away.

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