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What are things to do too prepare for hip replacement surgery?

Asked by BoBo1946 (15285points) June 8th, 2010

I’ve been exercising more, eating healthy, and getting more rest. Also, no beer until after the surgery. Been reading stuff on the internet also concerning the best way to prepare.

In 2006, had my left hip replaced, and now replacing the right one. With that experience, have a good idea what are the do’s and don’t’s about hip surgery.

Just thought some of my friends here could give me some good advise also.

Any thoughts on this surgery?

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stock up on water and frozen foods.if you dont have a wife who cooks.

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@jazmina88 don’t have one…but, going to rehab for a couple of weeks after the surgery!

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Go through the house and make sure the floor is free from obstruction- sounds simple but really look. Can you get through? Is there too much stuff right by the front door? Things like that.

Arrange things you need and place them on the level you will need them at. There’s nothing more frustrating than needing a lid and not being able to reach it because it’s in the top cabinet lol. made me scream in frustration If you’re going to be wheelchair-bound afterward then I would take a few dry runs through the house in it- just to see where things can be moved to make it easier for you later.

This may sound odd- yet it works wonders for me before a medical operation. Talk to your body and let it know what’s going to happen. Sit and visualize checking into the hospital, getting prepped for surgery and waking up groggy and what it will feel/look like. You’re in a good position because you’ve already done this, so it shouldn’t be a huge shock to the system. Visualization gives your mind/body a starting point instead of a blank page.

Good luck with your surgery!

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I don’t have any advice regarding hip surgery that you probably don’t already know…so I’ll just advise you to be sure and pack your laptop so you can let us all know how you are and to give you something to do during the boring rehab time. Best of luck!

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Lay off the ladies for a while. ;-)

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@ChazMaz lmao…dang Chaz…a man got to have a little fun!

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Sorry friend, you are all out of hips. :-)

BoBo1946's avatar got that right…too many times up and down the court!

and, never been real hip otherwise! well, that what my ex said!

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First and foremost is that your mind is willing to accept whats ahead for you. your mind controls your body, so its time to prepare. first, be determined to go to physical therapy everyday or whatever your doctor recommends. second, after PT, beforehand, stock up on all the foods you will need for a while, especially if you live alone. third, rearrange your furniture beforehand, since you will be on a walker or maybe a wheelchair. do not become a slave to the wheelchair. many people do and just give up on walking and a better way of life. fourth, have your cellphone or house phone readily accessible. if you live alone, have Lifeline installed. if you fall, you can just punch the button for help. this will be just a temporary setback for you. hip surgery is what you make it. you do not give up on life. my mother did and is now stuck in wheelchair for the rest of her life. do not make the same mistake she did. john

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@john65pennington oh John…i’ve a very positive outlook on the surgery. Had my left hip replaced in 2006 and played golf two months to the day after surgery and shot 80! Actually, looking forward to being pain free again.

Yes, been on a vegis diet lately. Going to lose 20 pounds before surgery…Stocked up on all kinds of juices..grape, apple, etc.

Also, doing cardio everyday…doing push ups, sit ups, etc.

Hey John, i’ve still got lots of zest for life. I’ll go down someday, but not without a good fight my friend.

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BoBo, you know what to expect and thats great. you sound like you have your act together and again, you will be just fine. just remember, there are 18 holes of golf out there with your name on it.

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@john65pennington loll..yep, looking so forward to playing again with so much pain.

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Sounds to me that you are prepared as you need be! Relax the rest of the summer and be ready to play some golf in the fall. You can warm up with some easy rounds with lucille and then when you are ready for a real challenge give me a ring! ;)

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@Cruiser lol…well, bring it on my friend! Would have lots more fun with Lucy! but, my s/o would kick my ass!

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Good luck with it. You know what it’s going to be like for the first few weeks, so stock up with some hot and cold running ladies to get you thru the rehab. The way I golfed last night you could probably beat me the day after surgery, so no challenges from me there. The laptop was a good idea so stay in touch and we will be thinking of you.

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@Adirondackwannabe lmao….....:))))))))

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@Best wishes. I’m going to need both knees done if I live that long, and I’m not looking forward to that at all and I’ve watched the hip replacement operation before. The end result is nice, but it’s a tough journey. We’re all pulling for ya. What date is the operation scheduled for so we can do something special for you in the recovery time?
Edit: Rethought that. For security reasons, don’t give us exact dates. Just a question or something when you get out of the surgery. Someone might know where you live and use that info to hit your house. We’ve had people around read the obits and then rob the houses during the funerals because they know they’re unoccupied.

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@Adirondackwannabe I’ll keep your posted my friend!

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My best advice for you after surgery would be to get yourself a cute nurse. That should encourage you to be up and about sooner LOLL
Seriously my friend, hope all goes well. Thinking of you. We would all love to know the operation was a success, and you are soon on that golf course again!

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@partyparty loll…you are going to get me trouble girl!

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Well, boo; did u have the operation yet? GL either way!

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Not yet my friend….will have it done Jan 3! My doctor had nothing available for 4 months. Would put my surgery in the middle of football season. Decide to wait until after the season.

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