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Was John Wayne a racist?

Asked by meagan (4665points) June 8th, 2010

I’ve been hearing a lot lately about John Wayne being racist. Is this true? Anyone heard any of this before?

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Well.., his three wives were all Latino.

But back then the norm was quite a bit different. By today’s zero tolerance standards everyone could probably be considered racist, if you pick at it hard enough.

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His movies sure were. I don’t know if he himself was one. What did you hear and where did you hear it?

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I think almost any American pre-late 60’s could be caught saying racist slurs against, in the very least, African Americans and Native Americans.


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Whoops. Thanks.

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One day, they’ll probably be able to dig you up, test your deoxyribonucleic acid,,,and know whether you or your ancestors had a racist bone in your body.,,or, perhaps liver.

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I heard that Wayne made derogatory statements about Native Americans.

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The 1971 Playboy interview would lead you to believe so.

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And in Roman times we would have all been crucified.

It’s relevance only applying to that time in history.

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It was a different time then, and people didn’t put a lot of thought into it.
You can look at thousands of movies that seem fine, but have racist remarks or overtones. I watched an old Harold Lloyd movie, where he is calling a black man “Charcoal”, and I was shocked by it, but that was the times they lived in.
Wayne made a good living off of belittling Indians, blacks, and even Yankees. If he failed to realize that we are all brothers, it’s too bad, but I don’t hold it against him.

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Saying that “back in the day” everyone said racist, hateful things is absolutely no excuse. There were activists in his time and plenty of people who did not adhere to the so called “values” of the time.

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@tinyfaery You probably would not even have been asking the question back then. The sensitivity then was not as it is now. Then people were concentrating on real issues, like seats on the bus, access to toilet facilities, and going to decent schools.

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SO you really bought the Playboy for the interviews? ~

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@rebbel hehe so did I when I was 15. And the cartoons and the femlin and the jokes on femlin’s page.

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Don’t necessarly think he was a full-blown racist because he’s done many movies with people of a different race but my dad watches his shows religiously and hes a little raceist towards every one.

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