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Do you think a fake tan ever really looks like a real tan? Can you always tell?

Asked by JLeslie (56890points) June 9th, 2010

When you notice someone obviously has a tan from a bottle is it unnattractive to you?

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Like fake fingernails.

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Bit of a trick question… if someone has a real looking fake tan, I wouldn’t know :P

But I think its generally pretty obvious… and it looks so fake I don’t like it.

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Like a bad toupee!

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If it isn’t applied evenly or looks unnatural on the person using it, then it’s unattractive. Not all of the fake tan lotions look orange or obviously fake, and if you use them correctly most likely no one will realize it isn’t an actual tan.

I have very fair skin, and don’t tan. Sometimes I use a tanning lotion on my legs, which don’t get as much sun as my arms and are much whiter. My arms are also very freckled! Years ago, I used Bain de Soleil brand tanning lotion, and it worked really well. I bought the kind made for fair skin, and usually only one application was needed to get a bit of color. Most recently, I used Jergens gradual tan lotion, and again it only took one application to get enough color on my very fair skin. My husband, who is brutally honest, said it didn’t look fake at all. I think if I’d used more, it would have been more obviously unreal.

So, I’d say read the directions very carefully and follow them to the letter. Exfoliate first, and apply the lotion sparingly around rougher areas like knees and ankles which will absorb more color. Wait until the lotion is completely dry before you put clothing over it, don’t do anything that will make you sweaty for a while, and wash your hands really well. What I usually do is apply the lotion, then hang around in my undies and a t-shirt for half an hour or so until it’s dry, being careful not to let anything touch my legs. It’s a pain and an inconvenience, which is why I mostly don’t bother with it anymore. I only used it recently because we went on vacation and I thought no one should be subjected to the sight of my glaringly white legs on the beach.

As a final note, I think using the fake tan lotion everywhere would result in a much less natural appearance. Maybe going to a salon or spa would work better than trying to do it yourself, but I’ve never gone that route so don’t know how it looks.

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@MissAusten I’ve been using the Jergens off and on also. I just hate when people have very fake looking tans. Many people on tv have obviously fake tans and I just want them to stop the madness. Then I was thinking, maybe I look like them and don’t realize it. I too only use one coat, just a hint of color, I am very glad it is possible to get products like that now, instead of ones that try to make you look very tan. I rarely wind up with crazy streaks or any such tell tale signs. But, fake tans never have that – I was just in the sun -look to me. There is something about the whole package of being out in the sun, the relax on a persons face, the glow of the skin, it is just different.

@worriedguy I hate fake nails also.

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It’s always noticeable to me.

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It’s possible. Makeup artists in film and TV know what products to use and how to apply them properly, but not your average Joe and Jane on the street.

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Oh, and the overuse of fake hair. Marie Osmond and Eva Longoria are out of control with the hair extensions, among other actresses.

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I can’t tell, no.

I actually prefer lily whiteness or your natural skin tone to the tanned look.

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As far as I know, no. I’ve seen uneven coloring that’s awful, as well as tanned arms with pale hands—also awful. Seems it is best for just an evening or occasion. I bought some one time and I felt so orange I stayed home from work and showered all day.

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