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12 team or 14 team Fantasy Football league ?

Asked by iLove (2344points) June 9th, 2010

I am commissioner of a league that normally has 12 teams. This year, we invited new people thinking we would have people dropping out.

For those of you who play FF, would you give me the pros and cons of 14 team vs 12 team league?

We will have flex players, no other rules are set in stone at this point as far as players, etc.

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14 teams means you’ll have to dig deeper for players. In some ways it’s harder to get lucky and win since you have to know who more people are. In other ways it’s easier to just get lucky because injuries are more drastic and it’s easier to take a chance on someone when the pickings are slim anyway.

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Sorry I don’t have an anser, but I thought that since you were asking a question like this you could tell me what “Fantasy Football” is?

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