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“I prefer clarity to agreement.” A quote from one of my favorite talk radio show hosts, Dennis Prager

As relating to politics or other ideas: When people are constantly interrupting or even generally not agreeable, they lack self confidence and wish to impose their thoughts and motives on others. One who can keep quiet and maintain their own opinions and knowledge are great people indeed!

Now when we’re talking about everyday interactions, at work, home, etc., agreeableness is very important! I would say agreeableness is akin to easy going, nice, caring, and attractive.

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As valuable as the recipient wants to make it.

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mmm, agreeableness makes you too trusting… though… Too much “niceness” could give you a lot of trouble later on…

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It can be valuable or not depending on the context…as is the same with any concept…yes this a vague answer to a vague question. Also, invaluable means ‘very valuable’ so…you’re not presenting an opposition here..the opposite of valuable would be ‘of no value’ or value-less.

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I think that aggreableness is good…but to a certain degree it’s not so good. Of course everyone likes to hear the words, “Oh you’re right” or “Great thinking I definitely agree” (etc) but once in a while, if you think about it, you want to hear someone disagreeing with you. We all have to admit sometime in our lives that we don’t always want agreement. It may be hard to say now, which I can definitely agree with, but I also want to hear different viewpoints and oppositions to my ideas. Not all the time, but you can’t always have it your way. ;)

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It depends on what the ‘agreeableness’ is in reference to. Are you easy going about where to eat dinner? Or on whether nuclear weapons are a good thing?

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Well it depends on the circumstances. It has its place and its usefulness As way of always being, as As a constant? Not necessarily always a good things. But how valuable is “disagreeableness,” as a constant? Not good either.

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It is most likely an evolutionary trait that helps perpetrate the species. On a day to day existence, not as much.

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When people can discuss and come to an agreement on an issue, that’s and has value. When someone agrees just to end the discussion, that’s less valuable because the issue will come up again.

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What did I miss? Agreeableness (being agreeable) is not valuable if you are agreeable just to end a discussion. That was my point. I’ve been up all night, but it seems a logical answer to the question. (doesn’t it?) I do see I added a couple of words erroneously that may have made the whole thing not understandable. @zenele @YARNLADY

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It’s about 75% valuable and 43% invaluable.

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@perspicacious Oh, I see, you mean to fake agreeableness is not valuable.

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