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Have you ever seen someone you know show up as "wanted by police" on your local town's TV channel?

Asked by Val123 (12704points) June 10th, 2010

I was just idly flipping through when this girls pic came up and it floored me! She works at a local convenience store and she’s there everyday! She’s nice, I can’t imagine her doing anything to get that kind of police attention, but you never know.

But it’s stupid. It’s not like they don’t know where to find her!

Should I ask her what she did??

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I have an acquaintance who is always in and out of prison. He slowly escalated from writing bad cheques to hijacking cigarette trucks to, finally, robbing banks with a sawed-off shotgun. It was at that point he finally made the big times and got himself featured on Crimstoppers. I was much amused by the incompetence of our local police force, because my buddy liked to hang out at donut shops, of all places, and I saw him several times in donut shops while he was on the run. He only got caught when he left the city and was recognized in a restaurant by provincial police.

I’d leave the poor girl alone, if I was you. If you tell her you recognize her, you might panic her and make her flee. If she’s avoided the heat so far, you don’t want to upset the applecart and get her busted (or worse).

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@SmashTheState LOL! I think not! It’s probably something as benign as an unpaid parking ticket!

@mattbrowne I can’t imagine I really know-know showing up on something like that either! That’s why it shocked me. I don’t even know her name but I’m in that convenience store every day!

What I hate most of all is seeing 18, 19 year olds being featured. And it’s odd….very few of the pictures could pass as actual mug shots. They’re more like casual pictures taken when they’re laughing. Like they got them from a friend or parent or something….

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my sisters ex was wanted by the police in the local newspaper for being a conman…needless to say the relationship didn’t end well, and my mum would have ended up with a murder charge had she seen him for real!

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That has never happened to me.

@Val123 If she has done something awful would you turn her in?

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@JLeslie Yes. Why wouldn’t I?

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@Val123 Well, I was just curious. You said you might ask her what she did, and so I thought maybe you want to know just out of curiousity, but would not act on it. If you are willing to turn her in, you could just call the cops and do it. But, I guess you it depends on what the crime is for you. Right?

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