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How can I show my boyfriend that he means the world to me?

Asked by wmspotts (456points) June 10th, 2010

I’ve been seeing the greatest guy for about a year now. We’re incredibly close and I love him with all of my heart. We tend to give each other a lot of gifts (ranging from m&ms to high end electronics). I’d like to get (or make/write) him something that shows him how much he truly means to me and that he’s my soul mate. I’m looking for creative ideas. Also, we’re saving money because we’re moving in together, so money is kind of tight now. Any thoughts?

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If your boyfriend is not a romantic, keep it simple…

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If you feel completely safe with him, I’d say the best thing is to let him in on the most private things of your life. Tell him about something that is very important to you and make him understand that you want him to be a part of it. This could be a variety of things that is very individual. It seems that you try to value your love with gifts and material things rather than sharing the feeling you have for him. I don’t know if you’ve told your parents about your sexuality – don’t want to step on anybody’s toes here but, – coming out WITH him to your parents is one thing I’d give as an example of sharing something private.

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Whatever it is make sure that it is original. Not something you have done for a man in the past.

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I like to write and also cite suitable poems to my girlfriend.. But as “lopezpor” said, if he isn’t that much of a romantic guy, maybe you shouldn’t bother to give him the pressure of feeling “in debt” to you, so to speak..

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Allow me to relate a story which might provide some insight into your question. It’s an anecdote from Yoruba mythology which bears on what you’re asking.

Ogun, one of the most powerful of the gods, had three wives, all of whom were jealous of one another. The third wife was the youngest and went to the two older wives, asking them how she might show her devotion to Ogun. The two older, craftier wives told her to cut off her ear and feed it to Ogun, that this would show how devoted she was.

The younger wife cut off her ear and, that night, cooked it into a soup for Ogun. When, after he had finished the soup, she informed him what she had done, Ogun was thoroughly disgusted and hurled her bodily from heaven, to smash upon the ground and become a river.

You might keep that in mind when you’re deciding just how amazing and wonderful you’d like the gift to be.

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Write him a cute/funny poem that rhymes telling him how much you love him. Print and cut out a bunch of 2–4 inch hearts and put them on the mirror, in the fridge, in his wallet, in his brief case.

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Gracious! Some of these answers scare the daylights out of me. You must toss out The Golden Rule and live by The Platinum Rule. Only then can you have a strong and loving relationship.

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How about a photo album or collage, commemorating all the good times together? Or you could get him something that you know he’d like for the new apartment. Best wishes for you and your new life together!

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What is his favorite restaurant, or place to take a picnic? Find out what it is, and give him a nice meal and present him with a nice present like the scrapbook that @lonelydragon suggested. To make it even more personal, you could cook his favorite meal and take him to a beautiful place outdoors. I have a specific place in my mind that I would love to go for a date eventually in my head right now. I’m sure you have a place like that, or something that would mean the same to him.

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Put together an album of your year together. Use photos, souvenirs (concert ticket stubs, etc.) write down you feelings.

Leave the back blank for your future together.

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Great ideas from everyone! I especially like lonelydragon’s idea of an album. Unfortunately, he hates having his picture taken even though he’s adorable :) The few photos I have I had to snap while he wasn’t paying attention. I could make an album of the photos and use ChocolateReigns’ and marinelife’s idea of a scrapbook of tickets, etc. I love the “blank page” idea. Thanks everyone.

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just be yourself that should be enough! ;-/

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@Scooby…. that just what i was gonna say

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@Scooby it is soo true though that all guys want sometimes…

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I agree! ;-)

Give me honesty every time!!

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Give him a day to himself. Cook him his meals and leave him alone. Maybe give him a gift certificate to paint balling or something he can do with his guy friends. Poems suck. Collages suck. No need to be original. Guys like @RandomMrdan know what they are talking about. Guys are pretty simple. We don’t care how much time it took you to make a collage, or how creative you were. If your collage can give me a good back rub then wow, otherwise I don’t care.


Just make him feel like he’s the most special guy in the world, by respecting him and caring for him the best you can.

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I absolutely disagree with @arpinum, at least about the poem part, though I would tend to agree about collages. But writing something, even something very simple, for me would be wonderful. It doesn’t have to be a poem, or even poetic, just a page or two describing what you think and how you feel about him. Or even a small notecard or business card-sized something that he could keep in his wallet at all times might be nice. Also, I’ve always thought that if a women ever sang Aretha Franklin’s “I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You)” (or even “Natural Woman” or “Dr. Feelgood”) to me in public, and publicly dedicated it to me, then I would know for sure that she was the one I was always supposed to be with. Other than that, there are the basics that should go without saying—never show even the slightest bit of interest in another man, and when another man shows interest in you, clearly, directly and firmly rebuff him. If you want your man to know you are the world to him, you need to show him as well as tell him. And if you had to choose one over the other, action without words trumps words without action every time. Though plentiful amounts of both are obviously preferred!!

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Rew and I met purely by accident in a chat room. 3 weeks later, he sent a link to a video on YouTube that he offered as a birthday present. That video sealed the deal on what I already knew: he was The One.

Quick, cheap, and clever. If you want a link to the video for inspiration, let me know.

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With my boyfriend, we always think that the things we create ourselves mean a lot more than buying something from the store. Lately I’ve been showing him he means the world to me with little stuff like making him dinner before he goes to work (I don’t really do that for anyone), making a scrapbook/collage of things that pertain to us, and just being there for him when he really needs me, even if it’s at 3 AM. It’s the little things that actually count.

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