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Which owl necklace to buy?

Asked by xTheDreamer (897points) June 10th, 2010

I can’t make up my mind which owl necklace should I buy, so would you fashionistas like to help me out?
Here’s the link of the necklace:

Let me know which one & why.

Thank you.

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I usually prefer silver over gold, but the turquoise stands out so much better on the gold necklace. That’s the one my eye goes to first.

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The silver because if it is light gold plate it will wear down to silver anyway. :)

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Personally, I like the silver. Silver goes with pretty much anything and really compliments the turquoise. But the silver is somewhat of a softer look.
The turquoise stands out more against the gold, and is a bit of a bolder statement.
But it really depends on the look you’re going for. The silver is sort of a peaceful, chill type of look, while the gold is more of an artsy look.

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I prefer the silver, but I’ve always been a bigger fan of silver anyway. I think the turqoise has better contrast against the silver.

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I think silver looks better with turquoise, so I would get the silver.

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I like the bronze one. I usually love silver, but the owl gleams in bronze.

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goldish one because it looks better.

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The silver one, because it looks a bit like old silver jewelry to me.
Which i like.

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I would go for the silver one, because it looks more real.

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What kind of clothes (and what sort of hues) do you like to wear?

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@lifeflame mostly cusual tshirt and jeans yet with a little edgy style to it & it’s dark hues of clothing, once in awhile bright colored.

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I usually prefer silver, but I think the turquoise is fab and the gold tone gives it that retro look.

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The silver goes better with black and turquoise IMHO.

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Either one is nice; do you mostly wear silver or gold earrings?

(Chi Omega?)

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i like them both – they’re both different. why not buy both if they’re cheap enough?

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I would get the silver one, but I don’t wear yellow gold, so I’m biased. My jewelry is all silver or white gold.

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i like the turrquoise and bc i still see that color in the silver. I’m not a big fan of gold, but that’s just me which appears from what I can see to be the color of the other necklace. They are nice lookin necklaces. I actually may be interested in the one on the right aswell. Where can these be found?

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@Robot These were found on F21 but they were sold out right after I posted this D:

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ah that sucks. so you didn’t even get to buy them yourself? they need to restock. I want the silver owl

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@Robot No, I didn’t even get to buy them myself. Ikr but they didn’t restock at all.

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@xTheDreamer Ah well.. keep checking back I guess, If i see them come up again too I’ll give you 1st dibs lol

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