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What should I wear with this Mango coat?

Asked by xTheDreamer (897points) July 25th, 2011

Sunday I’ll be leaving with our school fellows to study abroad in The Netherlands. For that I’ve bought a coat at Mango and I don’t know what I should wear with it when I leave.

Here’s a picture of the coat:

What (type)shirt, pants, shoes should/can I wear with this coat?

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Several options come to mind- but the jacket’s really tailored, so my thought is that the pants should be tailored too, or at least ‘skinny.’
1— black skinny jeans, boots and black turtleneck or scoop neck shirt—let the coat be the color-center of the outfit.
2— deep blue jeans, brownish shoes or boots, white (or baby yellow, or aqua) scoop t-shirt. This way the colors contrast and play off each other.
3— light peach t-shirt, tan pants. This way the colors will blend into each other.
4— Or go funky and wear lime green t-shirt with deep purple pants and brightly patterned shoes.

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shoes, and nothing else.

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Regarding shirt options, I would go with a tailored shirt or sweater/turtleneck in deep, rich colors (i.e. dark teal, eggplant) or neutrals. For pants, pair it with a pair of skinny, straight-leg, or trouser jeans, preferably in a dark wash. As for shoes, wear a nice pair of black leather knee-high boots such as a riding boot, or a nice pair of ankle boots. Oxford and loafer styles are also particularly on trend at the moment and would complement your coat well. A classic black knit scarf will tie any combination of options together.

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I like that coat. It’s nice. I would do a dark skinny jean in black or even a raw dark indigo, a white collared shirt or a nice scoop neck silk top in a neutral color without a pattern. Or if you wanted to get all funky a cool sweater in that goldenrod color that’s popping up all over. I think for shoes you could do a nice boot in either black, gray or tan (depending on the tan and the color top you decide on) or a mid height bootie with the right opening as to not cut the leg off in an odd place. Also, I think it’s just my eyes but what color are the buttons on the coat? That would be a definite for a shoe match but the right golden tan color would look great with that red.

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@JessicaRTBH The buttons aren’t really a solid black, it’s a dark gray black with a marble pattern in it.

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Oh that’s even better in my opinion. I’d do a really fun gray suede boot (flat, wedge or heel) and I think teal would also go very well like @Fly mentioned

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It screams for zebra pattern stirrup pants. Make it work.

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Ohh so many options.

- Plain white T-shirt
– White and dark blue nautical-ish theme T shirt
– Or yes you could do grey like @Jess says.
– Wear it with either Dark jeans or White jeans/pants. Don’t go for light blue jeans. Don’t go for black either. I think black and red is over done.
– Red and Dark blue work very well together. Also try champagne colour.
– As for shoes I think you could wear just about anything with it. Depends on your outfit.

If all else fails gift it to a friend… or someone on fluther… like me….

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