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What type on smokes.....

Asked by hairypalm (889points) March 17th, 2008 from iPhone

what type of smokes does obama use?

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sorry. It was what type of smokes , not what type on smokes.

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Clinton 100’s

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According to the Chicago-Sun Times, Michelle Obama said he smokes about three Marlboros a day.

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salems. super menthols

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I had no clue that he smoked. I assumed this was a racist joke-with Newport’s being the punchline. That would’ve been terrible, I am glad I was wrong.

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so is the fact he smokes a vote loser? Curious Brit here.

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what? There is nothing about voting. Just a question about what brand.

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some people are turned off by the fact he smokes. My personal opinion is that everyone has vices, at least his wont lead him to having sex with a page in the bathroom…

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I like the fact that he smokes. I don’t like the fact that he’s a left winger.

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How exactly does the answer of “Newports” turn this into a racist question? You lost me on that one.

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some people think all African Americans smoke newports. Why? I have no idea. I prefer crack.

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@lightlyseared, his smoking habit is definitely one that is minimized by his PR machine. I wouldn’t call it a vote loser, but smoking is so vilified in the U.S. that it probably would be perceived as a near fatal flaw weakness by the American public. Undoubtedly, the medical establishment would be quick to say how, as a role model, Obama would be setting a horrible example for our youth. So, I just contradicted myself. It is a vote loser.

@deepseas72, Newports are a stereotypically “urban, black” cigarette.

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@ deepseas Newports are a stereotypical joke because the black community is perceived as poor and newports are cheep.

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makes no sense. Newports are not cheap.

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He doesnt smoke, that Chicago Tribune article was from 2005. He quit for the campaign.

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Well there ya go!

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