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Are you a bit morbid?

Asked by Jude (32134points) June 11th, 2010

This question prompted mine. Check out my post(s).

I find that stuff fascinating.

Do you?

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Yeah a bit. Things like those pictures in the other thread are just intriguing to me. Why? Not sure. I find it a bit fascinating.

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Some of my favorite places to waste time on the internet:
Morbid Anatomy
Bioephemera (Which, sadly, has just gone on hiatus indefinitely.)

And I wanted to be a funeral director for years and years when I was younger. I still think I would like it and be good at it, I just think I’d be even better as a gender therapist, so that’s my new(er) goal.

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Yes, I look at all of that stuff and then some. Much worse than that.
There are several sites I visit regularly to check back for updates and they post some pretty morbid, disturbing and vile things. I guess I find myself rather fascinated with it all and I seem to constantly be looking for something to shock me whether it be in videos or pictures. It’s like I need my daily dosage of shock, but since I’m hard to shock, I guess it’s just my daily dosage of, “holy fuckballs. That doesn’t look right.

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I used to be but after having to attend to my uncle who just blew his brains out, morbid no longer has any meaning to me.

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Nope, not really. When people are dead… They’re no longer people. All they are is an empty shell – and that freaks me out more than anything. That said, I’m especially not curious about morbid things after my best friend died by shooting himself in the head. My sensitivity to the fact that these all used to be people far outweighs any desire to see how they met their end.

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Fascinating that some people are responding that they’re not morbid because they’ve dealt closely with death. That’s exactly why I think I am.

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My humor can be morbid…but, as for images, I’ll pass. An exception would be tasteful, but morbid art. Interesting question.

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If you ask the group that I frightened in the chat room one night, I’m pretty sure that they’d say I am (we were discussing the most painful way to kill someone).

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I am, actually. I never knew until someone pointed it out to me.

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I used to be, when I was a child. I used to sneak into the ‘history’ part of the library to look at pictures of the aftermath of the bombing at Hiroshima. I would walk past the insurance office on my way to school, several blocks out of my way, to see the photos of severely injured or dead people in their window. I got over it eventually.

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Images of the dead are fascinating as long as it doesn’t get too close to home. My lady’s funeral was closed-casket and I have no desire to know what her body looked like after the accident.

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I am morbid enough without seeking out morbid imagery.

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I am some what. It really depends on how close to a death I am as I’ve watched three people die. The closer I am the more I want to stay miles away from anything morbid. When my mom died and the nurse pulled the intubation tube out her mouth was just slightly open. Then nurse then popped her false teeth back in and that gave her the most garish dead look. I wanted to scream for the nurse to take her teeth back out but instead I just left the room. That look still haunts me. I can completely see why people way back when tied people’s mouths shut after they died.

But death rituals have always fascinated me as does the history of serial killers. I’m intrigued by the thought processes behind them.

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I apologize for the maudlin second sentence of my original response. It timed out before I could remove it.

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Well, I write some pretty twisted crap in my horror novels…

I’m not really “fascinated” by the macabre, though.

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A little. Like @Vunessuh I seem to want to be shocked providing it isn’t too close to home.

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I like the pictures from the dead photo thread, I’ve seen plenty of these before. I like it because they have an artistic value, I mean obviously someone took the time to set em up like that and all, and I guess the fact that these are all old kind of adds to the charm. (As opposed to photographic work for crime scenes or medical study and all that, a lot of that is depressing, but that’s still an emotion, and so it works..)
I like things that tell a story, and something that evokes emotion, and obviously, a dead person does. I also love images of ruin, because even though they’re destroyed, the fact that it affects people proves that it has an impact still. I dunno how to explain it, really.
I get fascinated by things that might generally be shunned or avoided, especially if it’s tragic, sad or dark in some way or another. As I said to me it’s like art. Let’s say I watch The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. My favourite scenes in these kinda movies are the ones where the people are ’‘visiting’’ the house, and seeing all this fucked up shit everywhere. I find it beautiful in a way, as it seems to want to tell something, just like real life things; funerals, dead bodies, ruined or abandoned places, things like that.

I can’t quite pinpoint what about it that attracts me the most, the visual aspects, or what it tells, or what it evokes. But I do seem to have an affinity for tragic tales of woe, ruin and sorrow. But I much prefer for it to have an artistic side, and that’s how I, personally, see the word macabre, that is, a human touch on something that, essentially, not many people want to touch.

On the other hand, while I’m a huge horror movie buff, things like real life violence, murder and all that shocking stuff I’ve searched results for online for years frightens and disturbs me. It’s not a very good feeling. I laugh at people who say shit like, I’d love to see someone’s head get blown off, just to see what it’s like. I’m sure that if they saw that for real, they’d change their minds right after.
As for being macabre or morbid through the experience of a loss, well whatever. I’ve been this way ever since I can remember, long before my dad died.

If my plans go accordingly, I’ll be making a living as a pathologist soon; things like corpses don’t bother me. But how they came to be that way is a different story. I have no idea if it makes me morbid or not, or if in my future, paying my rent by determining the cause of death will affect me, but sometimes I have a hard time defining morbid, macabre and all that…I love creepy graveyards and haunted Victorian houses, but then, a lot of people do, too. It’s not really anything unique. Enjoying photos of the dead, studying death itself or being a Goth really isn’t that unique, since someone’s done it and been it before, and will do so again.
There’s also the fact that death fascinates many because, for reasons I’m pretty sure I don’t have to explain, it’s an important part of everyone’s lives, and humanity itself. irony

Yes it can be frightening, but it’s also good to delve into the subject sometimes. Death doesn’t always have to be this big bad thing. Some people just like it more than others, I guess.

I’m not talking about things like fashion, Hot Topic or just saying weird shit to impress everyone, but when you’re exploring these subjects on your own, whether it’s doing your homework on Anthrax or reading the broken words of long dead Victorian alcoholic authors.
If these things evoke some emotion for me, then it’s like art, and sometimes it’s almost like escaping to another world altogether. Of course, we’ll all die some day, so those trips to the netherworld should be few and short…

’‘Creepy laugh interrupted by a cough LAWLZ’’

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@Symbeline GA. I especially like the distinction you make between the real gore of violence and the horror flick producer’s calculated contrivances to evoke an emotional response. The posing of the recentlt deceased for a photograph was an extension of the older tradition of taking plaster cast “death masks” that goes back at least to Roman times.Pathologist? I’m impressed. Full med school and internship?

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Yeah. They’re hurting for staff so hard in this province, it’s not even funny. Just as long as I don’t get bamboozled into becoming a nurse forever. XD

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@Symbeline Sounds like a dream career for you. How much further do you have to go? :^)

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Two years and a half, about; depending on how much I don’t fuck up too much. XD

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@Symbeline Just keep your eyes on the prize,mon chere. I’ve got about the same distance to go for my history PhD; started on it 33 years ago. ((hugs)) :^D

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