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What do you do when you can't sleep?

Asked by lillycoyote (24810points) June 12th, 2010

Is it better to stay up and get something done? Better to try to force yourself to go to sleep? Better to stay up and Fluther? I don’t want to be awake but I am. The sun is coming up, the birds are chattering. What should I do?

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Why, fluther, of course.

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O.K. Well, I am Fluthering. I just feel like I should be trying to sleep.

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If you really can’t sleep then get up and go for a walk, do some work, listen to music and generally keep yourself busy today.
Then tonight, have a warm bath, play some relaxing music and go to bed earlier than usual. You will probably sleep tonight due to lack of sleep.

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If I can’t sleep I don’t stay in bed. I get up and do something—could be housework, work, or online playing.

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Drink a glass of milk and read. If that doesn’t work and after you try @ucme remedy, dip into the pharmaceuticals…..Valerian root is effective and the hammer time out like a light for me is Benadryl.

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when I can’t sleep, I don’t sleep. I stay up all night, and I’m really tired in the morning, so I sleep all day and then I’m alright

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That is what Xbox is for.

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Ever heard of the sleepaid Unisom? it works great, but is very expensive. it can be bought OTC at WalMart. good news! now there is a generic to Unisom. it has the identical same ingredients as Unisom at one-fourth the price. the key word to look for on the package is “succinate”. try it. it works. one at bedtime 30 minutes before expected sleep.

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When my ex-girlfriend did the “sucks-a-mate” 30 minutes before bedtime, I usually fell right asleep. It worked wonders. I recommend this

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@john65pennington I find that sleep aids make me “loopy” in the morning.

Do you get that with Unisom?

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ChaMaz, negative. just the opposite. i wake up ready to go(after three cups of coffee). no hangovers, no loopy feelings. i have used this product for many years and completely satisfied with it. hope you can “cool it this weekend”. work stress can get you down, if you let it. go have some fun and forget work. it will be still be there when you return Monday, so let it all hang out tonight.

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I get up to pee, then go back to bed and read a magazine. That knocks me out.

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@ucme That’s kind of your stock answer.

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Soak in the tub.

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Get the fuck outta here.Really, you’re shitting me right? Oh well I shall have to attend holy communion for my sins.Take stock of my transgression & so forth.I should be purged I really should.

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Clean house, groom myself, do laundry, listen to music, watch movies online, fluther, crosswords, mah johng. The best cure for my insomnia though is some nekid time and a shower… or a foot rub with lotion.

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