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Would you consider investing in a Brazilian Eucalyptus plantation?

Asked by zenele (8242points) June 12th, 2010

Normally I don’t even click on the ads – as I am afraid a virus will eat my computer and somehow empty my bank account.

But the photo of the Brazillian woman in Carnival bikini convinced me the site was legit, so I did.

It ate my computer and emptied my bank account.

Just kidding. Here’s the link

Does anyone actually take their almost 8000 Euros and say “hey this looks like a good investment?” from an online pop-up?

Maybe I’m wrong about this. What say you?

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I would (maybe) if there was a picture of a Brazilian woman in Carnival bikini.
But no, i definitely would not spent 8000 euro on that.

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Only if there was a Brazilian man in a speedo.

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No thanks, I’ve already got a plantation to bury money in.

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No, I’m an American and that whole ad is in European. Euros, hectares, annums, what the hell does that all mean? I’m not falling for some Brazilian euroscam. I’ll stick with my Nigerian prince. He should be wiring that 2 million dollars into my bank account any day now, I’m sure of it. Really, he promised.

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There are probably few other ways to lose money more quickly. Please believe me and run the other way.

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I’d rather invest in a carnauba plantation. I don’t care about beauty products, I just want to wax my car.

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