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Gamers and non-gamers alike: What's your opinion on this video?

Asked by RocketSquid (3475points) June 13th, 2010

Girlfriend Deletes Boyfriend’s World of Warcraft characters

Basically it’s just as the title describes: Boyfriend leaves to get some cigarettes before a night of raiding, girlfriend logs in and deletes a few of his higher level characters.

The bits I’d like to throw in: What really interests me is that we know absolutely nothing about this couple or his characters. He could be a true addict who spends 18 hours a day playing while neglecting everything else, or she could be jealous of a hobby he spends one night a week doing. We don’t know how long this has been going on, or what’s been done before hand.

A note for non-gamers: Unlike most other video games, World of Warcraft can’t be “beaten” in a matter of hours. Players can spend months, if not years, building and perfecting their character. It’s possible this guy has just lost over 1000 hours of time, if not much more. Also, the characters are stored on the WoW servers, not the computer, so uninstalling the game would have only inconvenienced him for a very short time and may not of even phased him.

My question is: What are your thoughts? Did she overstep a boundary or do him some good? How would you react?

Yes, I know it could very well be a setup by the couple for some internet chuckles, but that wouldn’t be a very fun discussion, would it?

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If either of my girlfriends did that to me, I’d probably just get a little pouty. I love them too much to get mad. But as for anyone else…...

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I agree with @Draconess25 . I’m not a gamer, but the misplaced actions of a loved one regarding a hobby of mine wouldn’t make me very angry. His priority should have been his lady, not some silly computer game. Our hobbies were things we did together,so brought us closer rather than dividing us.

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That is a total lack of respect for what the guy cares about. It’s not the characters so much as the principles; the fact that she would trash something that he cares about so deeply with no regard for his feelings. If he was an addict then she should’ve dumped his ass long ago. Either way, the relationship was doomed if she had an issue with his WoW habit and she should’ve found a better way to handle it.

I am a gamer who has been married for almost a decade and my wife and I have too much mutual respect for such a thing to ever happen. She has talked to me a bit about her feelings of jealousy while acknowledging that I am going to be me so we reached a middle ground which is why I game less than I used to, but still game .

Now, if she had pulled something like this, her ass would be on the curb in a heartbeat, and since I am not above a little petty vindictive rage she would likely be minus a few valued items. Again, it’s the principle of the matter, and I want less than nothing to do with a woman that won’t respect me. The feeling is mutual and she would leave me if I didn’t respect her enough to curtail my gaming and pay attention to her.

There are better ways to handle things. If you are not compatible, if you don’t like who your partner really is and what they are like and what they do, then why the fuck are you together? And if you want to change the other person that much then why don’t you just go into the lab and make your own fucking person instead of hurting others? There are plenty of fish in the sea, so you don’t have to be that way. If you can’t stand something about your SO then just dump them and move on!

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Can’t the person just contact WoW and explain the situation to get his characters back?

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This is why you _don’t _ share login info with anyone.

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If she has an issue with his gaming, then she should leave him. Deleting his characters is a childish move that accomplishes nothing.

I don’t know the specifics but surely there is a better way to handle relationship disputes.

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Couldn’t she just have talked to him, discuss that if things don’t change she is leaving him or better yet just move on.

Sheesh….that is really immature and childish.
@gemiwing Agree

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Extra lurve to @stranger_in_a_strange_land for the following:

Our hobbies were things we did together,so brought us closer rather than dividing us.

If you have a hobby that causes stress in your relationship, you either aren’t ready to be in a relationship, because your priority is yourself, or you’re in the wrong relationship.

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If she hates his hobby that much why doesn’t she just dump him? If he’s more into his game than his girlfriend, why doesn’t he dump her? Seems to me that everyone would have been happier if they weren’t in the relationship at all.

I hope he went and destroyed something that she valued. I would have done.

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Sounds pretty passive-aggressive and immature to me. If there is an issue about his gaming, this was not the way to deal with it.

@PandoraBoxx I disagree. A relationship is made up of two separate people. My husband is an avid sailor; I am not. Should I make him give it up? No, we’ve had to work at it and make accommodations in our relationship so that we both can be fulfilled, in and out of the relationship. There are many things we do together and many things we each do alone or with others.

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This is akin to me getting mad about too many Saturdays spent in a bar, and breaking all of my husband’s guitars.

What would that accomplish? Would he stop playing music? no. Would he break up his band? No. Would he have any more respect for me or the time we spend together? HELL NO.

That chick is an idiot. If his WoW addiction is that bad, leave him. Have her go find another guy, preferably one that has no hobbies or interests outside of kissing his girlfriend’s ass – because it’s likely that’s the only way she’ll be happy.

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Slave to a computer and slave to a game. i’ll bet he regretted his actions the next day.

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First of all, I’d be pretty pissed off too if had to pay $15 a month to play WoW and my GF deletes my characters from out of nowhere. Second, I agree with @janbb, this is a rather immature way to settle relationship issues. If he’s too addicted and he can’t be reasoned with, dump his ass (as @Seek_Kolinahr said). Shit, I’m not even in a relationship, and / know this…

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@john65pennington Doubtful. Do you regret being a cop? Being a slave to the badge and all?

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probably not the right course of action. If it is really a problem and hurting the relationship then you need to talk to them about it. If that doesnt work, they werent the right person for you.

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Wow. My husband plays that, and any time I felt he was playing it too much and ignoring me..I’d just tell him. He’d make the time for himself to play so it didn’t affect our relationship (playing when I’m on the computer so we’re both doing our “hobbies”)
I find it so disrespectful (I didn’t watch the video..but it’s just the thought of doing it).

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She should have spent more time perfecting her technique with his joystick.

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I completely agree with @jerv and @Seek_Kolinahr. It’s more about respecting him than anything else. My husband and I have hobbies we do together and hobbies we don’t do together. I would never destroy something of his just to make a point and he would never do that to me. If we have a problem, we talk about it and work things out that way.

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“Overstep” a boundary? Given her familiarity with the game and the amount of time he puts into it, the amount of sociopathic disregard for him, and the malicious entrapment and violation of privacy by recording him, is frightening.

I think it may well be staged rather than a real event. But if it is real, then I see very little positive potential here. Maybe he would see that he really would rather adjust his habit, but either he needs to get way away from that girlfriend, or they are probably doomed to codependent abusive heck.

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@Ame_Evil is right. He can just email them with his situation [if he still has a functional computer] and they’ll restore everything for him. Both items and characters. It’s a pretty common problem.

I’ve had my parents and an ex erase or in some cases break completely a few memory cards.
They were mostly games that I could go back and finish in a few hours except for Animal Crossing. Having that deleted when you’re 11 is a tragic thing, but that wasn’t what got to me. It’s the disrespect like everyone else had said for my things.

I wouldn’t go as far as beating my computer/tv over it, but I have thrown and broken quite a few controllers.

She’s a bitch, he’s got anger issues. Their relationship was doomed from the start.

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As a former gamer, this was way out of line, if it was that much of a problem, you simply break up with the person. What is up with these people that feel they must destroy something of their S/Os to get revenge or ‘teach them a lesson’?

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This is why I live alone!! :-/

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She has now proven that she can not be trusted, dump the ho

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I’m with @Draconess25 in that I love my partner more than any game so my pouting would be short lived. I definitely agree with @stranger_in_a_strange_land in that if you’ve got a partner then your waking mortal hours should be more about the time you spend together than on games unless you’re both into doing more of that than any other kind of interacting. I’m not a gamer and while I don’t care how much time anyone spends of their games when I’m not present, I do expect that to stop when I am around. For me, a relationship isn’t about being huddled away in a sloppy mess of a house with microwavable food stuffs as my sustenance.

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Geez, reminds me of this video where a girl smashes her boyfriend’s Xbox. Honestly, it just proves how insecure these girls are; they do whatever it takes to get attention with no regard for their SO’s feelings. It’s a shame.

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I am not a gamer, but many of my relatives are. This is just one more example of many millions of ways former lovers choose to express their displeasure. I once kicked over a table with thousands of pieces of a plastic model because my husband wouldn’t come to bed. My sister once keyed her ex-husband’s car at his place of work.

Some go way beyond the norm, and murder their human rivals. There are many ways to recover online characters and such, so in the long run, what you describe is relatively minor.

A game playing relative of mine lost everything in the game world due to her own negligence. The accompanying distress is not something non gameplayers can understand.

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Let me also add that he could have been so angry because of the fact that you can sell your characters for literally thousands of dollars after you are done playing….....but yes, hopefully they can be recovered.

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I agree with almost everyone here. Woo hoo!

@stranger_in_a_strange_land and @Neizvestnaya… sure its a matter of balance rather than absolutes…

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Jerv, good point. but, wouldn’t you agree that these are entirely two different set of circumstances? i loved my job, but i was not a slave to it 24/7 like some people that hide behind their computer all day and all night sure, the guy was ticked off and rightly so, but destroying his computer only hurt himself even more. now, he will have to take his s/o to the movies for entertainment and you know that rages him even more. best to count to ten before making a rage mistake that could cost you plenty in the end.

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I’m pretty calm when it comes to gaming. I’ve never broken a controller, I don’t get angry with other players, and the worst thing I’ve done to a game in anger is turn it off without saving (with plenty of swearing).
That being said, I think I’d respond the exact same way. Not even so much due to the game, but the time that was just destroyed in a matter of minutes. Time’s really valuable no matter who you are, and having someone rip that much away from you (even if it was a waste) in what I can only guess is a temper tantrum would be more than enough for me to shatter a screen. I’d certainly regret it afterwards, but I doubt that’s what would be on my mind at the moment.

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