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Do things posted in Meta need to be questions?

Asked by jrpowell (40504points) June 13th, 2010

Syz wrote, “It was also my opinion that the “So now I see..” question was more of an expression of frustration than an actual question, and so also did not meet Fluther requirements for questions for that reason.”

That was here

Do we really need to frame things in meta as a question? It is simple to do but it is worthless.

“The mobile site is broken.” can be twisted into, “Do you know the mobile site is broken?”

Making meta stuff be questions seems stupid. Is it the policy?

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I would think that since this is a question and answer site, that a basic underlying premise is that the questions have to be questions. Meta should not have anything to do with it.

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Seeing as three quarters of the questions in this section are people bitching about how their material was unfairly removed, I’d say no. But yeah, what @marinelife said.

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I think syz meant that it was more of an “I’m frustrated!” rant kind of thing than an actual post looking for answers or a discussion. Not that it wasn’t framed as a question.

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I think @ChazMaz is on to something.

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If there is no question involved, the discussion should go to chat or the ‘contact’ button at the top of every page.

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Next time I catch you being serious in a Ryan question, @YARNLADY – I’m gonna call you yawnlady. Punch.

Muah – just kidding – lurve ya.

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It’s a Q&A site. Doesn’t everything have to be a question?

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See – I knew you were Jewish @lillycoyote – always answering with a question.

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@Zenele LOL. Only in my heart, or maybe in a previous life.

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@johnpowell I also wondering about the same question. I mean,I feel dissatisfied yesterday for ‘my issue’ and I think the way I show it might sounds like I only expressing my feeling and not expecting a answer. But that is NOT,I’m just curious if somehow Fluther has different policy for other users from other country(If they had. Especially for those from a country where English isn’t their official language). I think the meta section is the right place about it(Question about Fluther and our opinion about it). I think they ask me to ask them directly so that my question won’t make this site sounds like a bad site.

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@zenele Every user should flag any content that does not meet the guidelines. I have been modded many times.

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@Doctor_D That’s not it at all! If you look around, you’ll find plenty of questions that discuss Fluther in a negative way. We’re definitely not trying to keep folks from doing that. The way it was worded it did not seem like a genuine question… more like an expression of frustration with the moderation of your questions. We do prefer folks contact a moderator directly if they have an issue with one of their posts being moderated, otherwise we’d have fifty million ‘questions’ asking “Hey! Why was my question/answer moderated???”

For the record, there is no different policy for members from non-English speaking countries (and we have quite a few). If anything, we actually allow a little more leeway for non-native English speakers. We don’t expect their English to be perfect… but we do need to be able to understand it.

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@augustlan I see. And I still trying to get used to it.

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Australia’s official language is supposedly English. But I think they should also be given some leeway. Just saying.

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