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By pleading not guilty, does that mean my case will go to trial or can it still be handled out of court?

Asked by timeand_distance (1287points) June 13th, 2010

So I got pulled over in October for a DUI, and my arraignment is tomorrow morning. My lawyer said something about getting it bumped down to negligent driving, but I’m not sure how that works. All I know is that there’s an extra $3,000 added to my lawyer bills if this shit goes to trial and that we’re pleading not guilty tomorrow. Basically, what are the chances of this going to trial? By pleading not guilty, does my case automatically go to trial?

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yes it goes to trial. it’s very hard to get found not guilty at a dui trial. the da will make you an offer, before trial, and you can work with your lawyer on that, and that’s why you pled not guilty, for time. it can take up to a year for the trial to be scheduled, so you have time to figure out what you want to do.

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Talk to your lawyer about all of your alternatives and their consequences. You are paying the professional to answer your questions – don’t waste your money asking us.

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@yarnlady im going to ask her tomorrow, im just nervous about it right now and wanted a quick answer before i went to bed.

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Awww, I understand that. You can sleep comfortably with the knowledge that this will work itself out, and you will eventually find vindication.

I will play the ‘age’ card here to let you know that this will not be the least bit important to you at this time next year, I promise you.

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You want to plead Not Guilty to the DUI so that you can get a plea bargain down to Negligent Driving. Then, as part of the plea, you will plead guilty to that offense.

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