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Lewd noise pollution do you leave or tell the offenders to dummy up?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) June 15th, 2010

If a course of conversation is leaked be it unintended in hear shot of you do you leave or tell them to dummy up? Say you were on the side of your house cleaning the gutters and your neighbor’s tween daughter and some of her friends enter their patio and start chatting in “cell phone voice” rather loudly. There is a line of bamboo between so they cannot see you or you them but they should have heard you since you were making quite a racket cleaning the gutters. They jump right into talking about having sex up the backdoor bareback, and which boy has the nastiest tasting spunk, to who they want to put their sights on to boink down to how to not get caught boinking in their parent’s bed while they are gone. Do you tell them you are there and can hear them because they seem to can’t hear all the noise you are making cleaning the gutters with the hope it embarrass then enough to go back inside or do you abandon the gutters and hope they leave so you can get back to the task at hand?

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Ok, I’m sufficiently grossed out on that conversation. So much so, that I would just leave until they leave. Obviously, they don’t care if you hear them.

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Video tape it and put it up on Youtube….that’ll shut em up!

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Whoa! I’d probably laugh and then they’d hear me.

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I would tell them.

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I’m torn between @Cruiser and @tinyfaery. Leaving would not occur to me, I’m certainly not doing anything wrong. Admonitions are a waste of time with teenagers. They have a way of looking at adults who correct them that screams for a slap in the face, which isn’t allowed. I think embarrassment is the only thing that gets their attention.
On the other hand, how much of this crap are the parents aware of? I was so surprised to find out that my thirteen year old had such a mouth and attitude that I really could not believe it at first. I think that the parents should be made aware, in case they are in the dark that their underage daughters are participating in statutory rape, just in case they are trying to get them into good schools or something.
On the other hand, maybe the parents won’t appreciate you “interfering”. (Who the hell am I, Reb Tevya? How many hands do I have?)
I’d really have to think long and hard about this. You never know with teenagers. You could end up with all kinds of nasty stuff happening to you. And girls are frequently worse than boys.

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Invite them all over! ;-)

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@Trillian So true. If the parents are told and the girls get in trouble, they just may make it their summer entertainment to torture the person who told.

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I don’t see this as an either/or situation. I’d continue on with my work, and as long as my kids weren’t around to hear it, I wouldn’t say anything to them. I’d make no effort to be quiet, and might laugh or make a disgusted noise, but I wouldn’t try to stop them or leave.

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@augustlan I don’t know if I could refrain from making multiple comments. But then, I’m an MST3K addict, so I have a written excuse for running monologue commentaries…

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@Scooby Invite who all over? The girls? The girls and their moms? Then what, say “here is a funny little tale I heard over my fence, you moms should get a hoot”?

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Yeah!! Something like that!! :-0

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Your question was not about what the girls’ behavior could mean for them…it revolved around you being affected by their conversation. If you truly don’t want to hear it, put off what you’re doing until they move it inside. If you approached them about the nature of their conversation, it would sound like moral judgment…which, again, was not your complaint.

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I think that I would just shout out “I can hear you!” Knowing how teenager are, that should be enough to take their conversation out of ear shot.

I originally thought the question was going to be about the guys with 1000 watt speakers in there Honda Civic. When my rear view mirror starts vibrating from the “music“two cars away, my consolation is that in a couple years, the guy will be wearing a hearing aid and listening to a constant squeal from tinnitus. All richly deserved.

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I had a recent breakup with housemates over this. They were not only talking about such things but doing it in front of me. Since I own the house, I’ll give you two guesses about who left.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land What!?!? They would start boinking in front of you during reruns of Frasier on TVland? Have they no shame!?!?

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Just wondering if by “teenagers” you’re including 19 year olds?

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@Draconess25 Nope…14ish and down…......

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