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What is your take on online dating?

Asked by Ncshawty (79points) October 13th, 2008

Im single female and 18 and thinking about exploring my options in the online world.

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Do you mean meeting people online and keeping it there for a while or do you mean using a matching site online to find people to meet and date in person?

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meeting people online and keeping it there for a while.

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Just be Careful. I had an experience of a guy who was a scamer. He had many women on line he was involved with. I eventually found out, that he would ask for money when he had you hooked on him. Smooth, Smooth. I don’t trust those on line dating sites, but some people love them. JUST BE VERY CAREFUL. LOTS OF WEIRDOS OUT THERE.

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You might want to read about warnings like this article. Even though this is discussing meeting people in person, there are some good ideas for keeping yourself safe.

But also be aware that you may not be dealing with who you think you’re dealing with. You can tell a lot by what someone writes and how they write over time. But be cautious in the early stages of talking with anyone.

Having said all that, I don’t think talking with some online is really “dating”. It can be a great way to start to get to know someone, but if the person avoids meeting in person for too long you probably want to know why.

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based on the questions you have been asking I would suggest you stay away from online dating. Also explore the internet and read articles. The Internet can be fun and new but if you get carried away it can become dangerous and you cab end up meeting the wrong kind of people.

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I’m thinking NCshawty’s questions are not posed for seeking the answers she asks?

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Suspicious indeed.

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Yeah, I would have answered differently if I’d seen the other two questions first.

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Seriously. I thought it was the BIGGEST joke. I would never join or any of that stuff. But then I signed up for It’s not a dating site, it’s a camming site, and I actually met a guy on there, met up with him, and we’ve been together ever since. :D It’ll be a year in January.

So I have a little faith.

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(Oh and fyi, we talked online from Oct-Jan, THEN we met up.)

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That’s how I met cage. I think it worked out pretty well for us.

I’ve met a couple of people that I knew from the intarwubz in person, and they’ve all been pretty decent people. No psychos.

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lurve and love you baby

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lurve and love you, too. :)

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^^ You guys are cuuuuuteeee…

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