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Why is Fluther based around Jellyfish?

Asked by Draconess25 (4448points) June 15th, 2010

Other than the fact that they’re all squishy & adorable.

They don’t have brains!

Is it just because they’re so cute & awesome?

I want to know!

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Duh. Because our founder, Dr. J, is a jelly.

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Because they poop through their mouths. Ben and Andrew were jealous.

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@rangerr But wouldn’t that leave a nastly aftertaste?

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I bet @augustIan know can give you her reason.

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@anartist But the zombies ate my brain. But it wasn’t Logic; he doesn’t eat brains.

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Perhaps because Dr. J is immortal and we all wish we could be so lucky.

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like many of our members… those wacky invertebrates will sting you old school

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Boring, official answer: Because they function as a group, a collective… just like us!

Told you it was boring. ;)

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You’re still the brightest jellyfish in my sea, Augs.

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Because Jellyfish are fun to poke with a stick.

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@ChazMaz But that’s mean! And true.

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