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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a male or female or alien from space? What beloved Teutonic being has 50K?

Asked by janbb (62298points) June 3rd, 2022

Yes, our own ragingloli has now joined the upper echelons of Flutherdom and will be ensconced in their own aquatic environment with cephalopods, anime and other exquisite delights.

The bloody colonials and other Jellies bow before your superior brain, loli. An acquired taste whom we have come to admire.

Who’s bringing what (or whom) to the party in this amazing Jelly’s hono(u)r?

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HEY!! Congrats!

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Ho’omaikai! I welcome our alien overlord. I will bring fresh ahi as an offering.

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An alien overlord who cheats at chess. Congrats Rags!

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Congrats. You’re unpredictable but usually interesting, which I enjoy. I rarely see you get nasty to others which is a rare quality, as well. :)

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Congratulations loli!
You are so off the wall but intelligent and interesting at the same time. So glad to share the lagoon with you.
The pool has officially opened for summer so let’s get down there and start the band for the all night dancing.
I’ll bring the German beer!

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Ach, I was watching for this one and missed it. Herzliche Glückwünsche, @ragingloli! Your one-of-a-kind-ness contributes significantly to Fluther’s bouquet.

Balloons are my favorite contribution to parties. For this one, I bring 99 Luftballons, with subtitles.

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Happy Happy Joy Joy, loli! Keep on raging!!!

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Congrats! You’re the coolest German-speaking entity in the universe that I know.

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Always fun and funny and smart! Congo rats, Rags!

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I guess the first reply was loli’s?!

Congratz, neighbour.
I feel you are a mysterious human?….
Whatever you are (I do think you are a human though) it’s surely always interesting, especially the last couple of years, to read your answers.
Especially your political answers, or should I say your answers to political questions.
In my book you are one of the most well-spoken Jellies, and for sure the best English writer that’s not from the USA.
I wish I could interact with you more (possibly others feel the same).
You are an enigma.
Congratulations, and thank you!

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Thank you :-)

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@rebbel, I believe the first post was by @janbb, explaining that she’d posted in the wrong section and then asked the mods to move the Q to Meta.

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@rebbel @Jeruba has it right. I was so excited to host the party that I screwed up and posted it in General.

Thanks to the mods for rectifying so quickly.

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50Kongratulations @ragingloli The festering mountain of enmity, depravity and corruption that is represented by this 50k is known only to us few and it is our privilege to have known the unique mind and the righteous anger that went with it. Welcome to the 50k mansion (if you can stand the suffocating sense of entitlement).

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Congratulations ragingloli!!

A woman of limitless accomplishments and unbridled modesty. I can safely say that to know her is to love her. And to love her is to know her. Those who know her, love her, while those who do not know her, love her from afar.

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Ga-ga-ga Gadzooks! What an accomplishment! WAY TO GO! Now I’ll just sit here a while with my mouth hanging open…

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Congratulations and thanks for some thought provoking questions and answers.

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CONGRATULATIONS!! Enjoy the new section of the mansion.

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Congrats on the well deserved 50k!

Your different perspective brings always brings color to the party.
Thank you for being here and helping more people than you realize!

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Congrats, sir….to the coolest German I know (I don’t know if you’re actually German I just assumed you were from past posts, sorry if I’m wrong haha).

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Congrats and best wishes for continued success!

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Nice work loli!!

I love you in ways that are illegal in some parts of the world, yet I fear you like a toothache.

A more unique and interesting Jelly there never was.

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@cookieman Is loli your platonic crush?

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@janbb: If by “platonic” you mean involving tentacles lubed with apricot jam, then ‘yes’.

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^^ Yeah, well it is loli! Enjoy your fantasies!

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Fluther woud be so lacking without our always-beloved and ever-unpredictable Loli

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Congratulations, you strange bird. :D

I’ll never forget when you used to flirt (in a sense) with a teenage me back on AIWOR. xD You’re the only other AIWOR veteran who’s still here to my knowledge (well, there’s bob, but he’s rarely here). You were always cool and continue to make this site interesting.

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@Forever_Free So – was that the gender reveal party or just April Fool’s?

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@janbb That’s the $64,000 question.

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